Friday, August 26, 2011

Burp Cloths

So it is no surprise that lately I have been on a baby crafting kick since I am going to be in Auntie in less than a month. So today I am sharing burp cloths and let me tell you they are super simple. I saw this post and used that as a basis but I made mine larger. For mine I did a couple different shapes I did and oval and a square and a larger oval, since I thought the first one was a little small but since I am not a  mom I am  not really sure if it was too small or not. So we will see what my sister in law says! 
For My Sister in Law!

So I made a few for my sister in law and brother in the smaller size then I went to JoAnn and they had that super sale on flannel… I am taking $2.99 from $6.99… needless to say I stockpiled fabric like it was cool, because it is! I decided to use flannel because it is super soft, absorbent and doesn’t fray so I could leave the edges raw, which is what I did!

Laying Flat
I used my shears to cut the fabric so it has a nice zig zag raw edge and I do love it! I still have to go through my massive stack I made yesterday and clean up the edges since some aren’t perfect but that will be for another day! Since there are now 42 burp cloths to clean up… I think I am well beyond prepped for my craft show and I have an awesome display for them too!

Isn't my guy awesome?
My guy is awesome and made me a pvc pipe holder/display for the cloths so once I paint it it will be all done. I am thinking of using the purple I bought for the bow holder I did previously since my craft booth is all about color!

My Display Sketch
I even made a little sketch of how I want it to be! I found an awesome yarn at JoAnns to make a pom pom garland (I’ll post a tute), I am going to make a banner from excess fabric to showcase my name, I am going to have a corkboard displaying my bows and will have my standard jewelry display. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures for those of you that cannot make it!

Anywho I think that it is for now on the crafting front but on the home front I will be busy cleaning and organizing this weekend but hopefully it will not take too long! I get to clean out my room at my mom’s since she is moving and figure out what to pack and what to trash since Nico and I are moving to Sacramento! So if you guys know any Sacramento area crafters or crafting groups let me know!!

New Hanger
OOOOh and I got my business cards from Vista Print! I love them so now that you see this you can see why my display theme is all about color!

And I made myself a new hanger for my rearview mirror since my old one was kind of driving me bonkers!


  1. Love the hanger for the rear view mirror!!! Can I buy one?

  2. what a sweet project! I love the idea of a. stockpiling fabric---I mean that is the only way to do it in my opinion....maybe that just tells you how poor I am at planning lol! Anyways, b. I also love the idea of making the for your sister in law! I always shy away from baby stuff because I am not a momma...but what a great way to practice and try things! :o) Anyways thank you for sharing your idea over at my link party this week! :o)
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  3. Thank you for hosting! I always have such a great time looking through all the great projects that are linked up!

    As for stockpiling... it is a better word than hoarding ;) but truly is the only way haa :)


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