Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coming Soon

I’m thinking I may try to do video tutorials once a month! I figure I have a built in camera in my computer that I hardly use so this may be the perfect excuse to use it more! Now I just need to think of what I want to start with!!
Anyways tomorrow is Friday and hopefully I get 10 minutes to sit down so I can make the dress I want to, since really it is super simple!
I have a huge to do list that I would like to be on a ta done list, hahah- I find myself really funny! :D
Anyways just wanted to give a small update with my idea of adding videos and see if there was any input!
My YouTube  account
will be my new bff  :)
Well bye for now!
Tell your friends and follow the page, more followers would be lovely!
<3  Me

p.s. here is my channel now  you can see my boy get shot with a taser gun and some other random car videos he uploaded :)

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