Sunday, August 7, 2011

Covered Cork Board

You'll see these again! :)
So all my friends know me as the crafty person so they come to me when they have an idea for something but don’t know how to do it. So today I am going to share the simple plain corkboard turned cute so basically from drab to fab, which you will soon find out that for me that is a common occurrence. Like these fabulous plain baby sweaters I found and plain beanies and onesies, basically I love to make simple fabulous! Plus it is so easy to find cheap plain items on sale or clearance!
My Supplies

So one day I happened to wonder in JoAnn…. This is common and my go to spot when I am bored so anyways I wandered into JoAnn armed with coupons and found a corkboard since my friend was telling me she wanted a cute corkboard.  Here it is along with the other supplies I bought for my project. So here is a corkboard, spray adhesive, fabric and a roll of ribbon.

Fabric Attached
My friend recently made a new comforter for her room and so she gave me some extra fabric to use but if you are going out to get supplies I would guess about a half of a yard depending on the size corkboard you are going to use.  You will also need some ribbon and I got one of those super cute and simple fifty cent rolls.

Ribbon Cut
So I started with the plain corkboard and sprayed the glue on \about half at a time so I could apply the fabric firmly and without any fold. I finished applying the fabric and then started to heat my glue gun to finish up with the fabric. On the backside apply some glue and press the fabric until it grasps. Make sure to take your time so that you have nice clean edges and corners around the corkboard.  Next I measured out the ribbon there were 2 from caddy corners and 2 to criss cross with those. I added hot glue to the back and sides and put the ribbon in place. I did not glue it to the main part of the fabric; this comes later. So I finished up with my design gluing in the same fashion of the edge and back but not the front of the board. The points where the ribbon meets I lifted the ribbon up and added a dot of glue to keep both in place; I  also added a cute rhinestone to match the fabric. Now if you want instead of the rhinestones you can put bows, flowers, button any kind of embellishment you think will go.

So here is mine, well my friends but I will definitely have one of these in my office once I finally get an office/craft room of my own.
Finished Project
Fun, simple and quick! Talk to you again soon! :)

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