Monday, August 22, 2011

Fail for Now

Dress Fail...ish
So I tried to make a dress out of a knit the same way I made the shirt and well so far… I do not love it. I need to do some tightening or bunching on the sides and maybe change the sash to something plain and put some embellishments or something. At least for now that is my plan but we shall see what I end up doing to it. It is not so bad in the front but the back gets really loose and not very nice fitting.

I did end up bunching a little on the sides but it was not enough so I am going to bunch a little more, change the sash and maybe add some fabric flowers or ribbon rosettes or something. You all will  know soon enough!

I put the dress aside in order to go to the super sale weekend and JoAnn and boy did I make out like a bandit… I ended up spending $70 but saving over $200… now that is what I call a deal!

I took advantage of their fabric sale and bought some nice fabric to make some pillow cases since I plan on making this pin tuck duvet cover from this tutorial:

Backseat Doggie Cover
Now that is not the only craft I have planned from a fellow blog, in fact my list is quite long! But in the meantime I picked up some patterns at JoAnn since the simplicity ones were on sale 5 for $5 limit 10, so I got 10! I found one for a dog cover for the back seat… since the guy would like to make one for the bimmer, I  thought it would be perfect and hey it was only $1 so why the heck not!!

I also got some great patterns for home décor, baby bibs, crafting organization and a fat quarter projects patterns booklet! I am excited to start crafting up some fabulous items! Oh yeah and I got a learn to quilt book because I was going to take a quilting course and JoAnn but it is looking like I may not be able to make it to that course so I will teach myself! Woo for self-taught crafters!

Now what am I up to now?! Well yesterday I cut soooo much fabric for burp cloths that my little finger has a blister from my pinking shears, since the fabric doesn’t fray I wanted some nice zig zag edges! I also used my rotary cutter for the first time yesterday and fell in love!

So this week I need to finish the headbands for the girls, ship out their box of goodies, work on burp cloths and work on my bow holder for my craft show in 2 weeks. I think I should be able to knock out a big chunk of this stuff though I really have so much more on top of it that I want to accomplish… like making the duvet cover and pillow cases but that can wait since it is not an urgent need. Now I do have to make some military tote bags since my craft show is on Camp Pendleton and I think that would be a huge hit. On top of that I should make some cute girly and awesome military and some kind of fabric baby bibs!

Well for now I am going to get back to planning my week out! Happy crafting everyone!

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