Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Monday Monday!

Oh Monday Monday!

So another Monday has been conquered woot woot!
Hopefully before I know it, it will already be Friday.  I am really looking forward to this weekend and the surprise that my guy has planned for our anniversary. We are celebrating on Saturday since our actual anniversary is on Monday but it is a surprise to me what we are doing so I am really excited.

Until then I need to make it through the week that involves working, some homework and hopefully some crafting.

Today just like every Monday I planned my weekly menu and went grocery shopping, always fun!

This week our meals include

  • ·      Flank Steak- which was made tonight, I got veggies and Nico got pasta as a side since he is tough to please with vegetables
  • ·      Chicken Piccata with mashed potatoes
  • ·      Parmesan Garlic Drumsticks with corn and salad
  • ·      Salmon with rice
  • ·      Whole Roasted Chicken with roasted veggies for me and maybe baked beans or something for Nico

Beachy Hanger
Now that I look at the menu I see a lot of chicken but the whole roasted chicken was only because it was on sale at Ralphs. So that will be an extra meal or frozen for another time but all in all I am excited.

Let’s see what else is happening?!
Hmm I have almost completely finished painting my burp cloth organization system but according to Nico I missed some places so he is touching it up for me and well I am thinking of ways to add to it to make it even better.

Different Pictures Options
Tomorrow I am going to go to turbo kickboxing that I have found to be a lot of fun and it is a super great workout! So I am really enjoying that class and go twice a week! It is really a pretty easy way to get a workout in and it is really fun so I am going to make sure to find a place in Sacramento that offers that class as well.

I have been going crazy with looking up home décor crafts and sketching a bunch of different items I want to make for the new place. It will be easier to figure out once we actually get there and get settled in. Most of the ideas come from and I just copied the picture so I do not have the actual blog links but if any of the pictures are your post let me know and I will give you credit! Sorry I didn't take notes on the individual blogs. 
So I  realized yesterday that I still have about 3 weeks until my craft show so I really have a lot more time to finish what I want to finish before then. So far I have bibs, jewelry and some hair items. I want to make some bags, some more hair stuff and a couple rearview mirror hangers. I am not too worried about making much more though since I know I have enough. Hopefully though I will be able to make some military print bags to use up all the extra fabric I can before we move. I figure the more I craft and sell before then the less I have to move! Less is always more when moving!

Well it is time for me to start wrapping up for bed! I hope you all had a fabulous Monday and if it wasn’t so fabulous then best wishes that the rest of the week gets better. 

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