Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Rambles on a Wednesday

Fourth of July Crafts
I think I have a false sense of what I think this blog needs to be and I am realizing that. I do not need to post only crafts I can also just come here to say what I want. I think I have a tendency to get so caught up in the craft aspect of this page that I forget that it is my place to talk about what I want! Yes I am a crafting geek and yes I want to share my crafts but I also can write about whatever I want, yay!!!… This is not my work blog and I need to remember that.

So I promise I am working on a tutorial for you guys I just keep forgetting to upload the pictures when I am at home because I  do not really go on the computer much when I am home since I am on it all day long. Between working full time and doing schooling online the computer becomes more of a foe than a friend but I will remember to upload the pictures one of these days.

Sculpey Earrings
I really love to craft and I really miss being able to do that all the time but working full time will do that to you. I have so many ideas for new items but lately my schedule has not allowed me to do all I want to! Not only do I want to craft but I really need to work on crafting so I don’t have so many supplies but hey, it happens haha. Speaking of supplies; I have the desire to open a craft shop though I know that is not in the cards anytime soon but it would be nice. It would be different not like JoAnn or Michaels but personal with people who actually craft and want to help and have time to help you. Sewing circles and all kinds of groups of ladies who come to craft, create, and share their knowledge with one and other… hey a girl could dream that her hobby becomes a career! I just want a craft store that has more to it than just supplies, I mean sure JoAnn offers classes but it is not like they have free time when you can just go in as a group and knit or make jewelry or quilt, now that would be awesome! Maybe I am just looking for a craft store that is not commercial; a craft store that can build a community! When I strike it rich, it will happen!--- so donations are accepted ;) haha just kidding gals!
Prety Flip Flops for my mom :)

So my random rant for the day has concluded but just think about it; you know it would be awesome!

Any who have a great day everyone!  I am off to day dream about crafting and creating!


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