Friday, August 12, 2011

Easy Knit Shirt

Sorry for the blur, my camera was hating me today
Happy Friday! I have had a pretty productive week this week! I have made a couple burp clothes, a shirt, a bow holder and a couple bibs. I still have some more bibs to make, a lot of headbands and some larger burp cloths cause I am not quite sure I cut the fabric large enough but hey you live and you learn.

Today is more about the shirt I made! I found the tutorial over at Sweet Verbena and wow such an easy project... have I mentioned just how much I love easy projects?  This link will take you to the tutorial on her blog:

I would definitely check it out if I was you!
So I stopped by JoAnn since I had a $10 off from spending money over the weekend and picked up a nice fashion knit and some silk. The silk didn't quite work out for me in the end but hey I will find another use for it eventually. The bow wasn’t happening so well for me so I decided to use a ribbon and tie it off so I don’t have to tie a bow. I cut the ribbon as long as I though I needed, threaded it through the shirt and when I found the bunch that I want I tied it off instead of tying a bow. The knot is tucked into the fold so it is not visible. So now I have no bow and a kinda simple top so I thought that it needed something else so I made a cute little ribbon rosette from the extra ribbon I cut after the knot and well, I love it!

Better view of the front of the shirt

Now the pictures in the post aren't the best, sorry about that. For some reason my camera decided to hate on me today but it happens!

Later this weekend/week (in undecided) I will be posting up the new bow holder I made but first I have to go get the hooks that I completely forgot about when I ventured to Target, I hate when that happens!

Oh well, good thing I love Target! So go check out the tutorial and enjoy your Friday!

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