Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Fun Day!

Happy Sunday!

This weekend was a pretty busy one for me! This Saturday I had the pleasure of packing a cleaning out my room since my mom is moving soon and shortly after I will be moving as well.
So I am packing and I realized how much nicer it was when all my craft stuff was neatly organized…Right now all my stuff is spread out and not where it supposed to be but once we move I will reorganize all my stuff so this is definitely a hip-hip- HOORAY moment for me right now!

However many hours later my room is clean and packed and I ended up with 4 large black trash bags full of items to goodwill and two trash bags of trash as well as a large bin of recyclables! Needless to say I was happy when I was done but looking at my pile made me wonder how one person can have so much stuff, hahah!

What I am left with!
What I am left with is two 3 drawer organizers (normally my craft stuff), 2 boxes of sweaters and cold weather clothes since I do not need that stuff right now (hello 100 degree weather), 1 crate of books (craft books, cook books, yearbooks and photo albums- that sure got heavy… :/) and well some more stuff as you can see...

The good news is I am sure my craft stuff I have with me now will go into those containers that I have basically empty right now and clothes… well that isn’t really a choice... So really it won’t be that much… I think, maybe, oh heck who knows?!

So that was Saturday and after that with the dust bunnies attacking my nose I was so over finishing it up today so rain check on cleaning out the garage.

Today was kind of a do nothing and do homework day; it was a pleasant Sunday. We did some cruising in my mini, walked the swap meet briefly, sampled at Costco and finished my assignment not just blogging while waiting for dinner to be ready- weird that I am not the one cooking but I am not going to complain.
So crafts on my to do list:
  • ·      Drab to Fab Series

o   Plain baby sweaters to not so plain sweaters
o   Plain napkins to embellished napkins
  • ·      Fabric Headbands

o   These have kind of been on my to-do list for quite a while I really need to finish them considering the fabric is all cut
Stuff I still need to add finishing touches too:
  • ·      Burp cloths

o   I still need to trim the edges and make sure there are no thread remnants or mismatched areas
  • ·      Bow Holder

o   I started another one for my craft show but some how misplaced my paintbrushes so that is on hold until I can figure out where the heck I put them… :/
  • ·      Wallet

o   I started the wallet, had it finished but messed it up- it is my first one! So  I took it all apart but just have not sat down to finish it quite yet so I will try to get that done too!
Anyways have a great rest of your Sunday and though tomorrow is Monday still try to enjoy it!

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