Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is up?!

So lately I have been converting my old Facebook page to a new Facebook page, boy is that fun but it was my own doing. I decided to stray away from my old Jesika’s Jewelry & things because now I am making way more things than when I started so I just wanted a more broad name.

I have recently become re-obsessed with fabric and my sewing machine after having a broken sewing machine for 5 years I was long overdue a new one so I bought one! I was so excited to get back into making tote bags because in middle school I was so obsessed with doing that and it was really fun up until my sewing machine decided to not work. At that point I was so busy playing softball anyways that I didn’t have time to teach myself all the stuff I know now though I have always crafted. So after I stopped playing softball I journeyed into jewelry because I thought it looked like fun and from there I have just kept going! My most recent obsession is fabric and baby items as well as home d├ęcor items because I hope to be moving in the future and want to have all kinds of decorations.

Lots of fun projects= lots of tutorials
All the fun I have crafting was getting to be mundane so I was trying to find a way to sorta respark my interest and I thought blogging and sharing how-to tutorials would be the best option and would allow me to get the oober creative juices flowing. I am sure we all at one time or another have been in a funk and that is what I have been in for the last month and I am proud to say that I am bouncing back and having more fun than ever! Maybe that is because I get to craft for two little girls that will be here in about a month and then I get to go out and visit them! I guess I feel like I have to make so much stuff for them because I am not going to be there and it they gotta get the girliness somehow since I know their mom is not a big fan of pink and frills, so that is where I come in!

I have big plans for this page but first I should probably start with some followers but that will come in time.

Anyways I am working on a bow holder so I will have the tutorial up by the end of the weekend! I have to say I am super stoked to finish it since this idea has been brewing for some time now!
Think like this... only better!!

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