Monday, September 26, 2011

Catch Up

Who you calling Mini?!

Hello Followers!
It has been a couple of days, sorry for failing! I try to post three days a week but this last weekend was hectic. On top of Nico and I moving in about three weeks my mom moved this past weekend. It would have been all dandy if I was just helping but since I still had stuff there I basically had to move too and that was no fun! So what made my moving adventure more fun is that I have a mini cooper… and it is small but I did discover that it has a lot more space than I thought and was able to get almost all of it in one trip and the second trip only took up the front seat.

So I would like to say who are they calling mini?! Ahahha
So my fun of packing has started but I suppose the good news of starting so early is that it all should be very organized so that when we do get up to Sacramento unpacking should be easier!

I do have a tutorial for you all but I will save that because my nieces were born on Friday and they are so adorable that I just have to share!

Miss Vanessa Iris and Amelia Lee were born on Friday 9/23/10 at about 6:15 weighing in at 6.9lbs and 5.13lbs. They are adorable and yes, I know I am partial because I am the Auntie but whatever I will be partial! So there is that and just look at them! I cannot wait to make some more stuff for them and post about it but since my crafting stuff is in the garage with the other stuff I have packed it will have to wait.

Amelia Lee
Also I would like some opinions. I have an Etsy shop but I have not really used it much and wanted some feedback from those that use it and alternatives. I sell on Facebook but also have heard of a few people who scam on there and well I do not really know if it is such a good idea anymore. So I am looking into Etsy, Artfire and setting up my own shop from BigCommerce  ( I think). Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Vanessa Iris
So since I finished my homework and finally got to blog I am going to spend some free time uploading some pictures and pinning. Follow me or tweet me!/craftgeekjj

I almost forgot the other exciting news!! I will finally get to go to Hobby Lobby that all my out of state crafting friends tell me about! The Roseville store will be open October 24th (just in time for me to arrive).

Live, Love and Create,

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