Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flowy Shirt

Hey All.
I want to start today by taking a moment to remember this day and the unfortunate events that occurred 10 years ago. I can still to this day remember getting ready for school when my mom told me a plane crashed into the towers. I was only 10 years old but it was all so real to me. My teacher at the time had a daughter that was going to school near there and she was a wreck trying to get a hold of her. I remember my mom pulling us out of school because her work at the time was right near an airport and they were closing those building for the day. I still think of that day often for I have many friends in the Marine Corp and my boyfriend returned in April from 7 months over there. It is really hard to forget what happened when you have to worry about the one you love. That day will always live on. I wish peace and prosperity and send all my love to those who are grieving on this day.
I am going to spend 9/11 catching up on items I need to do. Yes I know it is not volunteering or any thing else people keep saying they are going to do but regardless of what I do I respect this day and the meaning and will not forget it.

So any who Happy Patriot Day and Sunday Funday. I got a simple little tshirt tutorial for you that I found on Pinterest.  So let me start by telling you what I recommend now that I finished the shirt. I used a cotton shirt that I washed that was a little tight. I would say that it would be better to use a cotton shirt that stretches more. If I had used a stretchy shirt I would have got more of the look that I was looking for. Also I wanted it to be more of a shorter in the front and longer in the back so I would cut the scoop on the bottom of the shirt differently.  I would do the scoop on the front the same but the cut for the bottom on the back I would cut less angled and straighter across. It seriously takes like two minutes so I probably will do it again today to make it more how I want it.
So start with a tshirt: lay it flat… cut off the sleeves and cut a scoop at the neck but be sure to leave some space for the straps. Then cut a halfmoon out of the bottom. If you are not sure how you want the bottom cut less, try it on, then cut or keep it. Now once you make all the cuts stretch and pull the fabric so that it kind of rolls. Take a piece of ribbon and tie the straps together in the back. 

It really is super simple and super quick and a lot cheaper than the shirts like that at a department store that cost about $10-$20 per shirt. So I will be doing this again and not doing red on red for my pictures.... that was a smart move for me. :)  This one is perfect for over a bathing suit top!

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  1. Cannot wait to make this! Thanks for sharing. Perfect for the summer at the lake.


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