Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

So this weekend I finally finished the headbands for my nieces but since I did them at night I did not have any good pictures of them so I will make them again and take pictures I promise!
So happy I finished those headbands so I can finally send out the box of goodies I have wanted to send.

I did cross two crafts off my to-do list but I think I added a couple more too. I finished the burp cloths and put them with all the stuff for my craft show at my mom’s place even though I am supposed to be removing my stuff from there and not adding to it. Oh well… more to move.
Headband Organizer
I still have a to do list of crafts to finish like my bow holder but I did finally find the paintbrushes so it should be done soon so that will be awesome! The wallet I am making presented some difficulties but I think I figured out how to fix that so I will work on that when I have time but it really is not on the top of my “to-do” list so when I get to it I get to it. New things that weren’t on my list last week are a headband holder I saw on Pinterest. (p.s. this is me ) I have my oatmeal container, spray glue, paper and mod podge set aside for that craft now! I am hoping to get it done before my show so I can use it but my booth ambitions may be going to high right now. I still would like to do that headband organizer, a pom pom garland and a banner so we will see what I get to but really I don’t think it will be too tough at all.

Today I have been working on some more hangers for the rearview mirror and I have picture of them but since I still want to add rosettes and pretty things to them I don’t want to share them quite yet.

Anyways I should have time to o a tute this week for that rearview mirror hanger even if I keep forgetting that today is Monday- oh holidays!

Isn't it amazing?!
Also new and exciting in my life is that it was my anniversary so my guy did awesome on Friday night we ended up going to Roy’s at Fashion Island. It is a Hawaiian fusion place and it was awesome and a great time. On Saturday the day we planned to celebrate it we went to the beach and made some homemade sashimi where he make shift recreated our first date. We can never actually recreate it since the place closed but it was awesome. The present I got was the most amazing ever too. I got the most beautiful promise ring and I am so insanely spoiled that it is ridiculous. Man I love this guy! So I thought I would share it with you.
Well I hope you all had a super amazing weekend and have a super awesome week. I will be posting again soon but in the meantime check out my Pinterest and Facebook page and tell your friends please.

Live, Love and Create (:

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