Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recyclable Crafts:Headband Holder

Tuesday means a new Sons of Anarchy is on tonight and my boyfriend reminded me of this! I am so hooked on this show it is crazy but hey we all have a guilty pleasure. So anyways I will get onto the part that you all really care about. ;)

Here is the tutorial for the headband holder I saw on Pinterest the other day. It is simple and a green craft!

You will need:
Empty oatmeal container
Scrapbook paper
Modpodge or Spray glue
Embellishments if you desire

So I was stocking the breakroom at my work the other day and noticed the oatmeal container was empty and so instead of throwing it away I brought it home to use for my crafts! I was thinking green… ish…

I am telling you it is so freaking easy it is ridiculous!
All Done
Take an empty oatmeal container and spray it with spray glue and cover it with paper. I used green I needed two pieces of my card stock and then put two little strips to go with the color theme I was going with for my craft show. I had some paper pieces I cut with my Cricut a while ago that I had not yet used so I mod podged them onto the oatmeal container to add a cute girlie flare. At the end I cut a circle to cover the quaker circle and then added a twisted ribbon to the plastic part of the lid. It was way quick and easy and it was also totally fun!

What kind of green crafts have you done lately? Let me know jesikasjewelry@gmail.com , www.facebook.com/craftgeekjj or mention me on your pin at http://pinterest.com/craftgeekjj/

I would love to see your projects!!

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