Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reversible Stretch Headband

Sew the fabrics together prints facing each other
I am going to try to post one more this week but we are going to Sacramento this weekend to finalize our apartment and all that this weekend so may be a little busy. On top of that I have a final too…icky but oh well most of it is already completed so not too much to worry about on that end.

Flip it right side out
The good news is that the following weekend Nico is going on a trip so maybe I will have some time to make some of the jewelry items I have been wanting to make but since all the crafting stuff is already packed I am not sure how well that will work…have I mentioned how much moving really sucks?! Even though our move is about three weeks away I have already started packing since I had to move a lot of stuff from my Mom’s house this last weekend.
Fold the ends in

Anyways on to the good stuff! Reversible Headband.
So I really love using fat quarters when I make headbands because it is the perfect length where I can just cut on nice long strip. So this headband is football themed so I cut two different trips. Measures out to about 20” just kinda guesstimate using your head.
I cut the long stops and sewed them together right sides together and once they were sewed together I turned it right side out. (I use medical plier that clip they are just perfect for headbands and ties) After it is right side out I take the ends and pinch them in a little so I can nicely fold them, sew the ends together. Now for the stretch I use hair ties because I had a minor obsession when I was younger and had soooo many hair ties that I never used. So I took two hair ties and tied them together like the video shows ( super simple). I folded the sewed edges around the hair tie and sewed again and all done. It is super easy and so comfy! 

Now if you do not want to make your own keep in mind that we sell them on our page and we love custom orders. ;)

So now I am going to relax and hope this move doesn’t end up as painful as it seems like it may be. Wish me luck!

All Done!
Have a great day and night.
Live well and create often
<3 Jesika

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