Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tilapia Tacos

Tilapia Tacos

So I am in my get my butt back in shape mode so I have been making healthy meals. Not that I didn’t before but even more so then before I am in a let’s kick ass and take names mind frame! So this week most of my menu items are seafood because they are light and filling and healthy and good for you so I wanted to use that as my focus. I got some tilapia since it was a good price, it is light and it is a perfect flavor catcher because of its general flavor blandness.

So I started with three tilapia fillets for two of us. I rinsed the filets and drenched them with some limejuice. I made a mixture of corn flour, garlic salt and pepper and dredged the limejuice soaked tilapia in the flour mixture. I had corn flour on hand but regular flour would work as well, so no worries. While I was dipping and prepping the tilapia I had a medium non-stick skillet warming up with a coating of extra virgin olive oil. I wanted to get a nice crust on the tilapia without frying it so I just made sure to coat the pan just enough to get a slight crust without making it too heavy. So once it got a nice crust on both sides and was cooked through I chopped it up into nice pieces for the taco.

I made a sauce for the tacos consisting of sour cream, mayonnaise, limejuice, garlic salt and pepper. It is about 1tbs of both sour cream and mayo as well as the juice of one lime and the garlic salt and pepper is based on what kind of taste you want it to have.

I used corn tortillas, green cabbage, red onion, cilantro the sauce and a squeeze of lime. They were just as good as any kinda of battered fish tacos I have had before but they were healthy! After two tacos with the tortilla I just piled all the fillings on my plate and ate it without the tortilla and that was amazing too so if you don’t like tortilla then don’t use it!

So that was the tacos for Tuesday the menu for the rest of the week is bbq chicken drum sticks with a baked potato, shrimp rolls with fresh corn, and I got some other fresh vegetables for me since my guy and green things do not get along…

So we got the tacos covered and the menu planned for the week.

I am gonna make a couple bows and headbands tonight so I will take some pictures and share them with you all

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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