Sunday, October 23, 2011

Carepackage Ideas!

I had posted on my old blog a bunch of carepackage ideas that I used while my man was deployed. So I wanted to post it and share it again. I am going to give you all some care package theme ideas that I used when he was deployed.

Holiday Theme Packages:
Halloween: Decorate with ghost, pumpkins and some spiders, top the boxes with the fake spider webbing stuff. Fill the boxes with some Halloween candy and if you have time make little goody baggies for other guys since they all seem to share. I  would recommend sending fruity candy and avoid the chocolate… it has  a tendency to melt, but that also depends on where it is your significant other is deployed to or stationed.

Thanksgiving: Decorate with “hand turkeys” cut the shape of your hand out of brown construction paper and add feathers. I found these awesome felt turkey and leaf stickers in the kids crafts section that I used to plaster all over the boxes. I included an envelope with little pieces of paper that each have a different thing I am thankful for.  They have a turkey and stuffing dinner meal that  you just add water to and microwave, if your significant other has access to a microwave I would send that for sure.  Hormel is the brand and I found it at Ralph’s but they should have it at Walmart or Target around the holidays, I just bought it the first place I found it. Bake pumpkin pies in a jar and ship as well- I will put the cakes/pies in a jar recipe up later this week.  Use fake leave as a filler.

Christmas: wrap the inside of the box with selected Christmas wrapping paper; simple, easy and awesome. Send a stocking filled with juice packets, wisps, and some other things that your man loves. I also send a mini fake tree that I found at JoAnn, I would suggest not spending a lot of money on these things because chances are your significant other will not be able to bring it back so buy small ornaments at Wal-Mart, big lots or dollar tree and you are set.  Use tinsel as a filler.

New Years: decorate with black or silver and stickers, add a note card with a  kiss on it with a caption that says “stand-in New Year’s kiss” or something like that. Send fake champagne flutes and mini bottle of sparkling cider which I did not find until after I sent the box, oh well…. My loss is your gain. I also send hats that are super cheesy that say 2011 but oh well. Any boxes they receive they love and warms the heart.

Valentines: Well make it full of love; lots of pink, red and hearts and conversation heart and love coupons and fake flowers and fun stuff. This one is kind of up to you since only you know what you want to put into it but make sure it is full of love and maybe send a small something that has your perfume sprayed on it and wrapped in ziplocs… maybe a pillow case, panties, tank top- smaller the better.

Mardi Gras: purple, green, gold, masks, beads… topless photos- just sayin they do have beads to give away. With every package there is a unique way to put it together and when it comes to stuffing them I simply send the same things that hey requests…  the list is at the end of the ideas.

St Patty’s Day: lots and lots of green and irish and green snacks and green and green and just green

Easter: make an Easter basket out of the box… fake grass, Easter eggs filled with candy and pastels. Make it pale and pretty and cute some eggs out of paper to tape to the box. Send toys and games that can be found in the dollar section of Target and other things that he needs at that time.

Birthdays: take the same wrapping paper idea from Christmas and wrap the inside of the box. Make cakes in a jar and send candles. Send simple things as he won’t be able to carry a lot of extra stuff home.

Other Themes- here are some other themes, if you need help thinking of what to put in them or decorate them with them just email me and I will do my best to help you:
Sealed with a  kiss
Rub a dub dub, time for a scrub
Suds in the bucket
Work it out
Game Night
Movie Night
Cookies Mania
Breakfast in Beds
Sweet Dreams
Surviving the Sandstorm
Fun in the Sun
Life’s a Beach
Hang in There- Halfway Box
Hot Stuff- hot sauce etc
Sports theme- football, soccer, golf

So I hope this gives you some ideas and if you do have someone who is deployed then hang on. I bet you are a strong person. 

** Updated 11/13/11.... it needed more pictures of packages so they are now up**

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