Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dried Flower Shadow Box

Well Hello!

I am 5'7" so you can see the size.

I feel like it has been forever since I blogged and that makes me sad! The good news is that it really has not been that long though! This past weekend was very eventful as I went to Sacramento and we found our apartment,yay! After finding the apartment I looked up all the important stuff like where the nearest JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and other local craft stores are. The Hobby Lobby is opening in Roseville which is like 30 mins from me and the JoAnn is just as far… but there is at least a Michaels really close. I did look at the reviews on the Michael’s though and they were not so great but mostly because of the staff but I hardly ever ask for help at craft stores. So I will be just fine with at least a Michael’s as well as the Walmart Supercenter nearby! I wandered into the Walmart Supercenter and I was so excited and I didn’t even wander to the craft section cause I know the man wouldn’t let me!

All Done...Excuse my reflection :p
Speaking of my man that is kind of what my craft is about tonight! That was not a good transition but anyways my craft today is based on me keeping one flower from every time he gives me flowers. I had them all displayed in a vase because while he was gone he sent me a dozen three foot tall roses! They were freaking amazing and I did not want to throw them out so I dried them and put them in a vase! With us moving soon I realized that moving a vase full of dried flowers was not practical so instead I bought a shadow box. With the shadow box I glued the dried flowers along the outside so that I could still put a picture in later. I also added in a cork from our champagne that we drank on our vacation last year when we drove up the coast. I left blank space so I could add more corks from occasions as I go. I really love how it turned out and love the sentiment behind keeping a flower from every time he gives me flowers!

So it was really simple this week but I really like it! I am going to finish up for tonight but this weekend I plan on working on my pillow cases and duvet cover but since things never go as planned we will see what I actually finish.

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