Sunday, November 13, 2011

BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

Hello! Happy Sunday Evening for you all who are still up and not on the East Coast and Happy Monday and start of another week if you are seeing this on Monday!

Let me start by saying I finally figured out how to cut fabric with my cricut thanks to you tube… this is the video I used it seriously is so easy! Just remember though if you  are cutting letters fabric side up… I may or may not have made that mistake ;) So now that I have it all figured out I have been a fabric cutting machine and made a bunch of onesies that are posted on facebook! In addition to the fabric decal onesies I made a tutu onesie that I am going to be modifying before I offer it for sale. I had sewn the tutu on but I don’t know how that would hold up in the wash so I am going to try to make it snap buttons… we shall see how that works and hopefully I will take pictures so I can post about it!

In other news I will be taking a mini vacation at the end of the week to visit my brother in Minnesota! Yay for getting to meet my nieces!! Auntie Jesika sure does have a bunch of goodies for them too!

So onto what you really want to see! BBQ Chicken Quesadillas! I made these one day when I wanted bbq chicken but I really was not in the mood for a sandwich and well now these are my husbands second favorite thing I make behind steak sandwiches!
You will need…

Burrito size tortilla
Red onion
Rotisserie chicken or precooked chicken breast
Bbq sauce
And optional sour cream and Spanish rice

Start by shredding the chicken into a medium sauce pan, place chicken over low to medium heat and add barbeque sauce until adequately coated. Warm the chicken in the pan. While waiting for the chicken to warm lay your tortilla flat on a cutting board and lightly brush with olive oil (or mayonnaise or butter or regular oil) so you get a nice crunch on the tortilla.
Mayo on the tortilla
 Put the chicken in a layer on one half of the quesadilla and then top with cilantro and red onion.
Then top with Cheese and fold the other tortilla half over.
Gently pick it up and set it in a preheated pan or gridle.
  Add to the pan and flip after about 1 minute… depending on how hot your pan is. Slice and serve with a dollop of sour cream and some Spanish rice and yummmmmy.
What is great is this time it ended up a take two meal… with the leftover white chicken chili I had I removed the chicken and some beans. I used just chicken for this but the next day we had a third rendition we took the chicken added some bbq sauce and heated up the beans from the soup and the leftover rice and made us some burritos  and we really liked that as well! I love getting multiple meals from one night of cooking!

Have a good week everyone! I will check in soon.

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