Monday, November 14, 2011

Carepackage Stuffers and Cakes in a Jar

I was browsing my blog the other day and added some new care package pictures to that post and realized I never put together a list of good things to send! The list pretty much comes from what Nico told me he liked to get!

So to start let’s talk personal items. If you are sending things to your significant other spray on the perfume! It was the highlight of the packages… I even sent off a sample size of my perfume and so he could hold onto it and smell it, it helps them to stay in touch with home and gives some comfort since they are in a sandbox. I would always spray with perfume and kiss my letters… it was just kind of a thing to do. Besides perfume small mementos are great but remember anything that is not food he will have to carry back and somehow for being in the middle of nowhere they ten to accumulate a lot of stuff!

Now for the good stuff! The number one thing is socks! Go to walmart, Costco or wherever and buy packs of white sock… they may not be “reg” but they act as wear and throw away when they are there and the less laundry they have to do the happier they are!

Besides socks there are a lot of good choices so let me list them:
·      Socks!!!!
·      Chapstick- but it last forever so don’t send it every time once is probably great
·      Hormel Meals- in the grocery aisle and supposedly ready in 90 seconds, these were Nico’s favorite
·      Cup of Noodle or Top Ramen- they get clever when it comes to cooking it
·      Handwarmers- some people use them some people don’t but doesn’t hurt
·      Cookies like oreos, chips ahoy… something like that, depends on what they like
·      Jar of peanut butter and jelly mix- the plastic jar so you don’t have to worry about the glass
·      Batteries
Pumpkin Pies
·      New Movies and Music
·      Water Packets- koolaid, crystal light, country time lemonade
·      Granola Bars
·      Cakes in a Jar- super easy to do so I will put the “recipe” at the end
·      Frosting for cakes in a jar

So those were the items I would always send and then depending on the season or box they would get some special goodies. Now for the cakes in a jar recipe

Cakes in a Jar!
Need: box cake mix, mason jars, boiling water

Make the cake according to the box, add to mason jars and place in oven, I would say that the time it takes is closer to the cupcakes time on the back of the box but it can take a while, check with toothpick. When the cakes are almost done boil the lids. After the cakes are removed from the oven while hot add the lids so it will seal. It can get tricky to do this but just be sure to wear the heat gloves because they get freaking hot. Listen for a ping and the jars are sealed. Send in the box with some bubblewrap and put the frosting separate! They will love them!
All Cooked and Sealed

Cakes are not the only thing either! I sent mini pumpkin pies for thankgiving but instead of the pint jars I used a half pint and it worked out well for me!

Try to opt for the wide mouth jars so they can dump the cake out- but in all honestly it does not matter because that is what a fork is for!

So I hope your carepackage creating is going great! Talk to you soon.

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