Thursday, November 10, 2011

Liberty Towers Church Craft Show Saturday!!! & Update

A craft show!
I am excited to say that I will be in my first Sacramento area craft show on Saturday! Yay!! I am lucky I have so much stock pile that I do not have to make anything! I have been planning on shows so this is great!

All I have been up to is tweaking some of my display elements, I am changing my mind on some design I previously did but it is all working out! I will make sure that I post up pictures of my display and some how to tricks on what I did!

In other news I set up a weebly account as a webpage… which I wish I could import this blog there but I do not know how to do that so if any of you know how to please let me know! Visit Craft Geek on Weebly it is still a work in progress but it is getting there.

If any of you know of any blog hops- they don’t have to be craft related let me know! I would love to participate.

Ok Ladies and Gents that is all for now, time to get cracking on my display and some always fun homework.

*** Update*** I removed my post about the baby bibs because after creating them I realized I did not like how they turned out so I am in the midst of recreating and trying to find a new pattern or new way and remake them. The vinyl makes it very difficult,  I highly recommend not using it. Baby bib tutorial coming again soon.***

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