Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up and About Me

Hi All! Hi New Followers!
So I was going to share my post of a wrist pincushion but that can wait until the weekend! So today is just a who am I and what my new tools are from Christmas.

She is a beauty!
So anyways here we go with the who am I?! I am Jesika, the craft geek. My guy also calls me a geek/nerd when I craft so I found it fitting to start my blog with that name and to rename my page on face book Craft Geek. I started one summer making jewelry. It came from being at JoAnns and wanting to learn something new. I had always done friendship bracelets and scrapbook but never any serious crafting but still very crafty. So I found a jewelry pamphlet and started that adventure. I had a great time with that but then got bored so I moved onto making hair pretties and that is still kind of fun but gets meh. Now my latest obsession is learning to quilt and with my new beauty of a machine that I got for Christmas I can do that and embroider it too! I am so stoked! So after I venture to Hobby Lobby and get some stabilizer I will sit down and experiment with the machine.

Donuts anyone?!
My crafting journey is so exciting I know and since that was supposed to be about me and ended up about my craft journey here is a little about me. I am 20 (almost 21…. 25 days away), the youngest of three and the only girl. I just became a first time aunt to two beautiful twin girls, a lot of my recent crafting has been for them and to donate. I love crafting and thoroughly enjoy cooking as is apparent to my family as I ended up with a baby cakes mini donut and mini cupcake maker :] I thought about culinary school for a while but did not want to lose the passion I have for it so I decided against it. I go to school online through the University of Phoenix and I am on my last class for my associates then headed for my double major and we will see what comes from that. I like doing schooling online- I do better when I teach myself. I just recently moved from Orange County, Ca where I lived up until now. Currently in Sacramento while Nico, my boyfriend, goes to school and from there who knows. I work at home and enjoy my job and the people I work with. I look forward to interacting with you all and hope you enjoy the creations and crafts I have to share. Life is a journey and I am here for the ride :]

Hope you will stick around and tell your friends. Find me on facebook, pinterest and twitter and leave some comments. I love comments!

If you want to see a craft or recipe let me know and I will whip something up! :]

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