Monday, December 19, 2011

Elf Onesie

So my friend is having a baby girl and already has an adorable chubby cheeked baby boy and I was sending a lot,  I mean a lot of hair pretties for Penelope but didn't want to live little Conner out so I was trying to think of something boyesque that I could send for him. I looked through the stuff that I had and found a red 12M onesies and though hmmmmmm why not!

I had some extra green fabric from my wall art venture and it just so happened to make the perfect belt for an elf suit so I pulled out the onesie, the green fabric, the iron, the sewing machine and some buttons. So red onesie with a green belt accompanied with a yellow ribbon belt buckle and some black buttons. The not so fun part is lining up the collar portion; it takes some time but if you want to do it I am sure you will figure it out! She was excited and I am excited that Penelope may be able to wear it next year as well with an adorable headband, of course!

So I have a lot of stuff to post this week. I have a recipe for sugar cookies, hot pads, melted snowman oreos, and my not so greatest idea ever :/.... that will be a fun one. So look forward to sugar cookies and some oreos tomorrow! Just in time for you to make them for the holidays!

I hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season, try not to stress- it is a joyous season and whatever you do your family will love.
Oh and I made my first quiltesque blanket.

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