Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabric Rosette

Hi Followers and friends!
I have been super crafty with all my Christmas Items and I am proud to say I have like 7.5/11 gifts done!
I wanted to share a quick little tutorial that I use all the time. I love to add embellishments and I love scrap fabric so this can be used for all of that.

See the picture for corresponding steps
1. Cut a square of fabric
2. Cut square in half - you want a long skinny rectangle that is about 3 inches wide (I made two really you can just cut one rectangle)
3. fold the rectangle in half
4. Starting at the corner stitch along the bottom as tight or as loose as you want
5. Pull the string tight and watch it ruffle into a flower (you may have to shape it a little)

I added a pearl before I stiched to fancy it up a bit. This can be done with ribbon too! Super easy and I hope you all love it. This is how I used them! I added them to the bottom of the strands of my fabric bow holder.
Lots of possibilities! Enjoy and stay tuned for a tutorial on ironing fabric onto the wall!

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