Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Iron On Fabric Wall Art

So recently I had pinned a tutorial to iron on fabric to a wall just like those vinyl designs that are so popular today. Well recently I have been taking action on my pins and trying a bunch out and this one I tried along with a bunch of recipes and for the most part they were all pretty fantastic!

Open Space Wall Area
This one really caught my eye because I had been looking into getting vinyl and I really just did not want to have to buy something else just to make my walls less blah.  After finding this tutorial I had to give it a try. I figured if I started by testing it with a Christmas D├ęcor Item that I would be able to give you an update sooner as to how it removes from the wall, since I know that is a big worry especially for those who rent.

Staged and Ready to GO!
I had everything except the heatbond ( I use the permanent one normally) I ventured to Walmart since that is my closest craft store and if I remember correctly it is only like $6 there for the heatbond so I went ot the store got the purple package heat bond and ventured back home. Waiting at home was my cricut, fabric and an iron.  I picked a spot that is pretty central it is one of those spaces where there is room below and above because on the other side are kitchen cabinets… if there is a fancy name for it then my apologies but open space is what I call it.

I plugged in my cricut with my storybook cartridge ( I like those letters best) and let it do it’s thing. Now if you do no have a cricut it may take you a little longer but it can still be done just make sure you are cutting the letters so they will be correct when you iron them on. So my letters are all cut and staged out on the counter. My iron is set to 4 on my iron- not really sure what is the best but here comes the fun I took my letter took my iron and lightly pressed it to the wall. It takes about 10-30 seconds per letter… some are stubborn. You will know when they are stuck by just taking your iron off. If it sticks you did your job and if it is coming off in some places iron some more.

So that is that, I will have an update after Christmas on how it removes and if it works it is going many places: laundry room- so some people put the stuff in the right basket, bathroom- so he stops stealing my towels, and a replacement non holiday version for the open space wall.

Moving is a pain but we are all set all I need is to get some posters or something for three more spaces and it will be a masterpiece!

Have a good day!

** Update 1.17.12** So I have removed the fabric and it did not come off as cleanly as I hoped. One reason for that is my fabric frayed a little and the letters were thin but still a little bit of residue that looked glue-ish (kinda like the back of fusible fleece or interfacing) but a quick scrub with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (my favorite ever) and it looked good and no glue was left, granted some eraser pieces were on the floor but I needed to vacuum anyway. So I will still iron on fabric I just may not press as hard and simply focus on edges with my iron. 

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