Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Not So Greatest Idea.... and some pillowcases

It is Christmas Eve! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. I was saving this post for yesterday but somehow ended up not going on my computer once all day! :) So while the house is still sleeping I will share this with you all then go back to reading my book.
It turned out.. but it was a journey! :)

 Not a very triumphant post but still kind of a success in the end....
My not so greatest idea ever… So I wanted to make some couch pillow and finally got around to it. I had this genius idea (turns out what not so genius) to take a pillow I had in my closet and sew it in half to create two pillows…. Now I am not saying it was a horrible idea I am saying I will try again but differently.  The pillow I had in my closet was a king size firm pillow. I think the firm was my first mistake… there was toooooooooo much fluff inside to sew easily through. Anyways I will post pictures of my failed greatest idea ever. Maybe I will try with the pillow we just replaced that isn’t so fluffy but that may be more of a making one small pillow. Trying to make two is not really worth it so spend the $6.99 at Hobby Lobby or use a coupon and get it cheaper….

I had made a pillowcase before… that is pretty simple. I had not made pillows that were to be used as decoration with the flap on the back to make it go in so that was a first and I learned some tricks … for starters I needed to cut more for my small flap… but you live and you learn.

So for the pillowcases I measured across on the pillows (since I made them ish :/) and cut a back piece to be that size plus 2 inches on both sides. In cutting the extra two inches I was able to create the flap and though I would have had enough room and maybe I would have if my pillows weren’t so special. For the top of the pillow I measured the base fabric to exact and cut with an extra inch on all edges and then lay out and pinned the accents fabrics. Iron the fabrics and the seams, pin it in place and sew away.

The great part of the pillow is that because you have a flap you wont have to worry about leaving an edge open because the flap is open. I love that about these types of pillowcases. And if you happen to not make enough to have the flap close and have some boutique snaps lying around then you can do that…. Not that I had to do that or anything ;)
King Size Firm Pillow
Awkward Results
Ironing the Flap

Sewn Flap

Sewn Together


My Flap Fail

My Failure Cover Up

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