Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sugar Cookies and Oreo Snowmen!

Sugar Cookies and Snowmen Oreos

Ready for the oven!
So here is the sugar cookie recipe from Good Ole Betty Crocker Red Cook Book. I do not use the orange extract and I only cook them for 6 ½ minutes they turn out perfect that way. The batch makes a bunch so I ended up freezing half of the dough to use in a month or so since it is only Nico and I here and I already made chocolate chip cookies and molasses softies.

Let's Decorate
Now for the frosting I make a butter cream… the amount of sugar I add is kind of taste as I go but I would guess about 3 cups powdered sugar with two sticks room temp butter and 2-3 tbs whipping cream and 1tsp vanilla. Beat until fluffy add less or more sugar depending on your taste. I made this batch for half of the sugar cookie dough so if you are making more I would definitely double it so you don’t have t make more halfway through.

So decorate away! If you are going to be storing them I would do cookies a sheet of parchment and more cookies. If you use the gel icing pens then make those go on top because it will come off if something is laid on top of it.  

Now onto melted Snowmen oreos/Snowmen oreos.

So some of the oreos I made look a little more melted than others but overall I like how they turned out. You will need oreos, almond bark or white chocolate ( I prefer almond bark) mini chocolate chips, candy corn and optional twizzlers pull and peel licorice. I did not do the licorice because I only found a huge bag at Walmart and did not want to buy the big bag for one bundle.

So melt the chocolate over low in a pan, or in the microwave, or a double boiler… it just depends on what your personal preference is. Lay out parchment paper on a cookie sheet and layout the oreos. Pour a large spoonful of chocolate over the oreos and swirl it around and over the edge after you cover a row or two add two mini choc chip eyes and four chocolate chips for the mouth and a candy corn nose. I ended up cutting most of the bottoms of the candy corn so it was only orange and white but it is not necessary. Now once you add all the snowmen faces, sprinkles or whatever you desire put them in the fridge  and let them harden then either package them up or display them on a plate. 
Yummmmy I love Chrismtas junk food! Happy Holidays

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