Thursday, December 29, 2011

Velco Vans Re-do

So I have been trying to brainstorm some cute tennis shoe ideas so that when I go to Vegas for my birthday I can be comfortable but still cute. So I looked through my closet and found my pair of “prison sneaks” vans….aka Velcro straps. I hardly ever wear them anymore because the straps make them pretty uncomfortable so I stared at them for a minute and thought hmmm what if I take off the Velcro straps. So that is just what I did. You get to see my favorite DIY and remake to date! My Velcro Vans Redo! :]
Original Sneaks
So first things first I undid all the Velcro and made sure it wasn’t through the loop. I then took my seam ripper and took them off completely. It does take a little bit of time and this activity is not for children since a seam ripper and exacto knife is involved but you can surely do it for them!

So now that I have the Velcro straps removed I used my exacto knife and made some slits. I made it rectangle because that is the easiest for me. Make sure you get through all the layers the shoe and the reinforced canvas type inner material. 

After you have the holes cut pick some cute about 1/2” wide ribbon. I opted for black with white polka dots since I wanted a simple black/white but awesome shoe.

Now you can leave it there with ribbon laced shoes or you can go a step further like I did and bling the toe with some crystals and Aleene’s Jewel-It Glue. If you do the bling let it dry for 24hours before wear unless it is about to rain it is best to let them dry for a week before you trek through water. 
So my shoes are blinged and girly and I am so excited to wear them next month for my birthday!
Hope you all enjoyed it! I am working on embroidering some towels for my kitchen tonight since I finally got the machine pretty much figured out! I love it! :]

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  1. I saw you over at You're Talking Too Much and just love these!! Following along to keep up with your fun ideas.

  2. Thanks! I really love how they turned out! Now they are much more comfortable than they were since I may or may not have a slight OCD and hated when the velcro didn't line up but now I don't have that problem! :)


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