Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bow and Headband Organization

So happy to say that my Crunch Wrap post is my most popular post to date! Makes me all giddy yipeeeeeeeeeee!

While that makes me happy this homework I have is confusing me- it is like a foreign language but I will have to figure it out someway and just get by and pass so I can start on my Bachelors program. Scheduled to start my Bachelors classes in February and looking forward to being done with this accounting class. Math online is not a fun thing to do…. Moving on to better topics like my birthday!

Two weeks from today I will be in Vegas with my family getting ready to go out to celebrate my 21st birthday. First I am really excited to actually be able to celebrate my birthday with Nico since he has not been home for one of my birthdays since we met so that is the greatest and I am really excited to see my brother from FL who is 2 years and 3 days older than me so we will be celebrating his birthday too. I am also really excited to see my brother and sister in law with the twins! My grandparents are coming to babysit so I get to see my adorable nieces again and sooner than I thought! I was thinking I wasn’t going to get to see them until their 1st birthday and that made me real sad but now I will get to see them and that is always a good thing!

Speaking of the 1st and my “I resolve to…” of 2012. I don’t make a resolution since I know for a fact that I won’t follow it but I have been in a “I resolve to…” mindset which has gotten me out from my home office on my lunch and onto the trail to either run, walk or power walk my lunch away. It really is quite nice to get out and be in the sun during the day instead of just seeing the sun during the day.

I have also been working on organizing things but that kind of started a month or so ago when we moved and has been a gradual work in progress. One of the things I reallllllllllly needed to organize with my collection of hair pretties. Since one thing you find when you make hair stuff is that you end up with a bunch of hair goodies. So while I was out and about at Hobby Lobby I picked up a frame since they are 50% off. The one I picked up was an 8x10 and I really should have picked up a bigger one but for now this works. So take the frame and remove the glass and backing. Hot glue ribbon strips on the back and then put some cup screws on the bottom of the frame and you have a bow and headband holder. Might I add a really super duper awesome one!

So now that I procrastinated enough I need to get back to trying to figure out my homework and continuing on my to do list. My birthday is coming up and I haven’t made my birthday headband yet! What am I thinking?!

Check back this week for a round two using the ingredients from the crunch wraps! Have to use leftovers some how right?
Chat with you soon!


  1. That is darling and so pretty! I would love for you to link up with my party at

    Have a great day!

  2. My friend made one of these for my daughter when she was younger! I love how yours turned out and it looks really cute all filled up!

    1. Thanks, I really needed something simple to organize all my stuff but I wasn't thinking and made it a little too small but at least most of my stuff fits on it.


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