Monday, January 16, 2012

Color Block Tank Top

Lulu Townsend Pumps! :)

So we are in the official countdown to my birthday phase, we are 6 days away. Meaning I get to see my family in 5 days and I am so excited about that. So because I am within a week I think that warrants a little birthday shopping. So that is what I did this weekend. I picked up one pair of pumps at DSW and ordered the booties I have been wanting online because they didn’t have them in the store. On top of that I got two dresses from forever 21, two lacey bandeau things for under tops and some ray bans from Nico from my birthday. I love them! So nice to have good sunglasses, who knew you aren’t supposed to have to squint when you have glasses on!
Shipped out today- Madden Girl Wedge Booties

So besides my birthday shopping I also did some good cooking this week, I made some great enchiladas that I am going to make again this week but with steak and not chicken so then I will take pictures and share even though I have extra sauce from the first batch of chicken ones last week. Nico said score to that recipe and he said good job to the crock-pot baked potato soup I made too so that will be up this week too. It was a week of good recipes- I love when that happens!

Now for the menu this week we have:

  • Teriyaki Flank Steak and white rice
  • Steak Enchiladas
  • Seafood Risotto
  • Pork Chops and twice baked potato casserole (found here)

The rest I am not sure of yet but I am getting down the last of the meats in my freezer so almost time for that stock up grocery trip again.

So look forward to some good recipes this week while I work on finishing the quilt. I have gone as far to have all the diagonals sewn together so it is getting closer and closer to being done. I took a picture of the layout so you can pretty much see how it will look.

I did take a break from my quilting to make a project that I kind of made last year. Last year I made a t-shirt out of regular knit tank tops and it kind of ended up a dress so I wanted to redo it before this car show this year. The car show in question is called MFest and is April 20th in Vegas and Nico and I had a great time last year and look forward to a great time again. I had made my first bling flower for the car show last year and after we got back made my first tank top (ended up dress) after we got home. Nico spotted someone wearing something similar but she is from Germany and got it during the world cup so that was out of the question but I like my version more anyways!
I took three ribbed tank tops in the coordinating flag colors. In this case it is red, black and yellow. I didn’t measure but I would recommend measuring what you want the full length to be and dividing accordingly. I just eyeballed and just each shirt with how much I wanted. I then pinned and sewed them together using a zigzag stitch so that it would maintain its stretch feel. A quick redo to support your favorite sports team or country whatever you prefer! :]

Here is the photo tutorial:

So now I am all set for the car show in April, though I am sure I will make another bling flower like I did last year. If you are wondering about the BlazinM3 that was the license plate on the old M3 we had and so this year the flower will be, I will probably take this one and remove the cap and cut some fabric petals from red and black polka dot or damask fabric. I have some time before them and I assure you that you will see what I have done and what I create for the car show! :)

Hope you have a good Monday!
-Jesika :]


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  2. Love your stripy tank top - and your quilt looks great so far - love the colours!

    Found you through a Blog Hop !!
    I’m following you now, and hope you’ll stop by and visit our blog sometime too!

    1. Thanks, I definitely will go check it out! :)

  3. Wow such a colorfull tank top!! I also prefer to wear tank tops with colorful design with fine fabric material.


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