Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

So the other day I posted about projects I was hoping to at least start and some that I was hoping to finish and you would be so proud to know that I finished the place mats!! I am so totally excited and may even consider decorating for Valentine’s early because they are totally awesome. In addition to my place mats I am working on some towel hangers for my oven door AND pot holders. I am going all out this Valentine’s day since we finally have our own place! It is super exciting.

Besides it being the first Valentine’s day in our own place I am also trying to make as much as I can with the fabric I have since a lot of it has been hoarded in my bin for a very long time so it is about time that I start using it all up! I am doing a pretty good job so far well for half finished projects. Fabric has been cut for some more placemats, towel hangers, pot holders and a quilt. I am sharing the start of my quilt that I am making for my friend’s daughter and I am really excited. You will be able to go on the journey of my first quilt! I picked the fabric all from my stash and cut them into 5.5 by 5.5 squares. I will need to pick up a backing fabric when I am done and some other fabric but I do not need it just yet. So I am working on that and you all will see my progress and once I am done you will see my whole quilt and the step by step tutorial that goes with it.

So I have made a lot of progress from my last post on the projects I want to do and that makes me happy! I also have a bunch of recipes that I need to post so the next couple may be food but I try to mix things up so you get a nice combo of food and craftiness.

So since Nico gets up at 5:15am for school and doesn’t really eat breakfast he normally gets a burrito on his break from the “roach coach” that comes by the school and while I do not think that is a bad idea I made my own burritos that I could freeze and Nico could take to school and put in the microwave and have a healthier burrito than one filled with grease. Plus I have been trying to use up ingredients I have and not waste any food so since I have the flour tortillas from my crunch wraps and I always have white onion as well as eggs. I picked up some breakfast sausage and pulled my hashbrowns from the freezer since I had them from making pot pie and used it all to make a freezer breakfast burrito.

Cook the sausage until almost done, add onion and hashbrowns and up the heat so you can brown it all. Once it is all nice and brown add eggs. I did 1 egg per burrito and then added a couple extra. Really I only had 10 eggs so I just used them all. :] let the mixture cool then put the mixture with some cheese in the burrito and wrap with plastic and store in the freezer. To reheat just put in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes and bam! Oh and if you have it send some ketchup or salsa with the burrito cause it makes it so good.

Printable Recipe 

Now with the ingredient from the crunch wraps I also made tostadas and nachos for my lunches and lazy dinner. Really easy and good so it worked for me and Nico.

Time to go make some more progress.
Thanks for popping by
-Jesika :]


  1. Good luck on your first quilt!

    The placemats are just lovely!

  2. Thanks, I am really excited and just ordered a walking foot for my machine! :)

  3. Im always trying to come up with thnigs to help the morning along, this is a great idea! (PS I love all your colors for your quilt.. exciting!)

  4. Thanks, Nico has really been enjoying them but he did make the request for ketchup or salsa the first day so now I send a small thing of ketchup in tupperware as well!

    I do as well, it is to match the bedding and theme for her nursery! I hope it turns out how I plan. :)

  5. Mmmm,...that is totally making me hungry. Thanks for sharing at our party this week!

  6. good post
    new follower of ur blog
    now follow my blog

    1. Thanks, I will go check out your blog.

  7. I can't let the hubby see this or I'll be making them tomorrow :) They look awesome- I'll definitely be trying them out soon! I'd love for you to link to our Things I've Done Thursday link party going on now until noon Saturday EST.

    1. I will link up next week, sorry I am just now seeing this :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks, even better they are super cinchy to make! :)


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