Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilting Progress & Birthday Fun

I am excited to announce a couple things; one that I am back and safe and had a blast with my family and two that I should be done with the quilt tomorrow night. All I need to do is finish the official quilting.  The quilt made progress last week and could have been done last week but I because I am not going down to Orange County until February 8th I decided to stretch it out a little bit. After that quilt I am going to start on a large quilt a 5x6 for my brother (he is 6’4”) some of the fabric already arrived from Etsy but I have failed to check my mail so I will get it later today. It is going to be an orange, yellow, red & black quilt. If it turns out how I imagine it then it will be awesome.

laid out!

Close Up

Embroidered Backing
My Birthday Watch :)
I also want to make some reverse appliqué shirts from one of my favorite blogs (Sweet Verbena- Her Tutorial Here!) I had planned on making one a while ago just never did so maybe this week will be the lucky week. In addition to the reverse appliqué I am going to be working on refashioning some of the clothes in my closet. Some dresses are now too short and need to become a shirt and some of Nico’s old jeans are going to become shorts for me and a couple other refashions. The wheels in my mind are turning! :]

So here we go with the pictures from my trip, the weekend started with my amazing watch Nico got my for my birthday. It is definitely a beauty! :] We started by eating dinner at Isla in Treasure Island and just ventured around. I think it was a successful day since I only slept 4 hours on my birthday. I gambled some and lost but it is part of the experience but I at least budgeted my self and stuck to it.

Jason, Me, Justin

Amelia <3s Auntie Jes

Excuse the blur but I love this picture
 I got to see my brothers, my mom, my dad and stepmom and the best most beautiful nieces ever ( I am not impartial at all- hah). My camera did not end up with the bulk of the pictures that would be my on my mother’s camera so I will have some family pictures up after I go down to Orange County. It is a lot easier to use a usb than to have her email me all of them.

So that was that, stay tuned later this week for the full quilt tutorial! Happy Tuesday!


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  2. Did I read that right? Only four hours? OMG I would DIE! Anyhoo, Stopping to follow you from today's hop - hope you have time to visit soon and return the favor :)

    1. Yeah... 4 hours... needless to say I slept really great the next night.

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  4. Beautiful pics!

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  5. Man I love quilts! I have run across so many pretty ones through blogging. My grandmother would always make quilts and I have quite a few of hers now. I didn't inherited the crafting or quilting gene :( I will just admire yours!

    Thank you for stopping by and linking up on the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.


    1. They definitely are a lot of work but they are worth it :)

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    1. Thanks, I will check out your blog and follow back! :)

  7. Hi Jesika. My name is Sarah, I am stopping by from Get Wired Wednesday and am now following via GFC, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. I've really enjoyed my visit. I love arts and crafts and have been wanting to get into doing them myself, so I'm always looking for inspiration. Quilting is something I've thought about doing. I have a sewing machine which I do not know how to use, I need sewing lessons, and I also lost the peddle and I'm not sure where to find those. I'm not real great and hand sewing, I think if I found a new peddle and actually learned how to use the sewing machine I would really enjoy a project like this. I'm not real sure where to find one though. Anyway, you have an awesome blog, I've definitely found inspiration here.

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    Thanks and have an awesome day!


    1. Lucky for my I don't really ever have to use the pedal for my new machine does not need it. It has a start stop button. The new machines are so dang high tech now! If you find your machine you should try a quilt but let me suggest a simple square quilt first since this one was a little complicated for a first quilt but I will post the tutorial and things I should have done later this week :)

  8. This is beautiful! I wish I had this kind of talent!!
    - I'm visiting from the Crazed Fan Weekend Hop:)

    1. Thank you, I will be happy when it is done. I put the quilt in a time out until next week!

    2. Follow for a chance to see the step by step tutorials for quilts.


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