Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rag Quilt

Cut Squares
Did you guys notice the change?! A many chevrons I know and all based on a remnant piece of fabric that I discovered in my fabric box the other day. I plan on making something from it soon maybe a skirt but I don’t know that I have enough.  Something will be created and I will share it.

Layout the fabric
So the other day I said this week would be mostly food but today I am sharing the rag quilt. If you have never made a quilt this would be the easiest form to embark on. It does not require perfection and is “user friendly” so to speak. I will say that the little fuzzies that get everywhere can get annoying and you may have to lint roll the backing of the blanket. I should have expected that but honestly I didn’t.

So on the rag quilt you will want to use flannel. I had stocked up on massive amounts of flannel when JoAnns did the 2.99/yard sales. Most of the girly fabric I bought ended up as burp cloths for my nieces and so had the boy fabric but in the end I ended up deconstructing a couple burp cloths to use in conjunction with the flannel that I had. For the blanket I made I simply cut 6” by 6” squares and did 6 down by 6 across to make it a yard by a yard. 

Sew the blocks into rows

Once you have the squares cut layout the squares in the pattern you like. I did diagonals of all the same fabric. Once you have the pattern in place pin the rows together you want to pin wrong sides together with the seam towards the top of the blanket. When you pin be sure to leave space you want to leave about ½ inch on each side so that you can make the “rag”. So if you cut a 6” b 6” square you end up with 5”by 5” after you allow for seams. Pin rows and sew together. After the rows are all pinned pin together the rows again wrong sides together with the seam facing up. After you sew the rows together you have the top of your blanket! That is a big step so pat yourself on the back!
Sewn together (note my diagonal quilting)

For the backing you will need a yard of fleece (more if you do a larger blanket- most fleece is 45" wide), I had to go to Wal-Mart since I didn’t have any so I went and picked up some plain purple fleece. Line up your fleece with the edges and pin together with the insides facing each other. Sew along the edge with a ½ seam allowance. Once you have that together you want to sew the fabrics together. I did straight diagonals down my matching fabric diagonals. You can do criss cross diagonals or just single diagonals or straight down or checker that is up to you.

So the fun part comes after everything is sewn together. You get to snip the seams but be careful not to cut the seam or you will have to sew that portion again. After you have the seams cut wash and dry as normal and depending on the size you may have to clean out the lint catcher in the dryer multiple times. Since I did a small blanket I didn’t need to.  Be warned that after it comes out of the dryer there probably will be little frays and lint pieces on the backing and if you did a darker backing than the rest of your blanket then you will have to do some kind of lint roller or something.
After the lint roller (I embroidered and gifted the blanket)

So go out and tackle your first quilt and then come back in a couple weeks to tackle the next level of quilts since it will be in retrospect you will be lucky enough to have the tips of what I would do differently next time. Since thinking about it now I may not be making this the easiest on myself but it is my first official quilt and I am not using a pattern which is just how I do my projects. I should have the top of the blanket complete this week and finished just in time to enter into the Sew-vivor competition over at Family Ever After.  I may not make it but I won’t know if I don’t try.  I am a little anxious about it but it sounds like fun to me, you should check it out.
Hope you all are having a good Wednesday, we will be over the hump soon and the weekend will be here before you know it! :] We are also expecting rain for the first time since December 15th and I love the rain so I am getting so excited! I love seeing the grey sky rolling in. It tickles my fancy.

Happy Wednesday


  1. This quilt is so cute! I've always wanted to try a rag quilt. Thanks so much for sharing! Just wanted to let you know this was featured on this week's What's New Wednesdays! I hope you'll stop by and link up some more great stuff :)

    1. sweet!!

      They are super duper easy, best thing to start off getting into quilting!

  2. Hello! Found you through the Fun Friday Blog Hop. Sorry I'm commenting on an older post but I really like this! I was thinking of making a quilt myself, but more of a 'memories' quilt. I want to each square to be something meaningful, a square from Huzzy's old uniform, a square from Baby Girl's first dress, etc.

    Anyway, I ramble on... Following you now. :)

    1. I think that would be super cute! Quilts are fun and time consuming and can get annoying but if it is made from something so special it will be even better!


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