Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fleece Earwarmer

In case you all missed it I did a guest post over at Not So Homemade while she was enjoying a much needed vacation in Florida. Also while you are here be sure to check out the giveaway going on now right here.

I thought I would share it here now for those of your that missed it. The fleece headband and ear warmer came to be one morning after walking my dog. I do not like to wear my hood while I walk him for I like to be able to see around. I have never owned an ear warmer before since I am originally from Southern California and up here it gets pretty chilly some mornings so it was about time an ear warmer was added to my collection.
I started by making a pattern for the headband and it was super easy to make. I took a piece of cardstock and laid a stretch 2” headband I have down on top of the cardstock. I then traced around it to the shape I wanted. I started with the bottom being the same width as the headband I was tracing then I flared out about ½” on each side for the remainder until I had finished tracing the headband.  Cut it out and set it aside while you pull out your fleece.

This is the pattern I used. 

*Side note: making your own patterns for headbands and bows is super easy if you use some cardstock or even some paper grocery bags & recycling is always great! *

This project is great for extra fleece that you have on hand. I had some scraps from making a blanket and since you only need about a 3” by 12” piece (give or take) it is a great scrap project. I would only recommend fleece or a knit for this project but fleece is the better option for warmth and it does not fray. If you want it to be extra warm double up on the fleece and sew the pieces together and then either keep it like that or turn it inside out and don't show the seams.

Now once you have your fleece cut there are two options to connect the pieces if you want to sew the ends together you can but I felt like using my machine to make a button hole so that is what I did.

After my buttonhole was sewn and cut I sewed on the button. At this point you are done if you want a plain ear warmer but plain is not really something I do so I decided to add some embellishments to my warmers. On my black I did an orange tulle rosette and some cute orange and pink buttons. The black one allowed me to finally do something about my recent orange obsession!
And then I decided I didn't like my previous embellishments.. they were so boring so I changed them up with a bow and a rosette!

Now you are all done and ready to rock your ear warmer while walking your dog, snowboarding, running, or whatever your heart desires.


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  1. These are super cute and look so easy. I'd love for you to share at my made for you monday linky

    1. Thanks for linking up! I have lots of fleece, so I'm going to try and make these this afternoon. Hope to see you on another Monday!

    2. I will! :)

      I think I am going to make some for gift for Christmas next year!

  2. Great, thinks! I found this post at Clip With Purpose. I am bookmarking it--these will be great for shoe boxes.

  3. I adore headbands and headwraps. Great job! New follower from Creative Bloggers hop

    1. Thanks! I have a minor headband obsession.

  4. Very cute! I found your blog on the Frugal Living blog hop and am now following - check out my blog & follow me too!


  5. Those are super cute and look easy enough to make! I'll save this idea for a no school craft day with my daughter, thanks!

    Stopping by from the hop and am a new GFC and Pinterest follower :)

    Stop by and say hi when you can :)


    1. thanks! Now following you as well!! :)


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