Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pleated Headband

  Simple Pleated Headband
I have more than 100 fans now so I will post up the giveaway after I get this post rolled out!!
As someone who loves hair accessories and makes bows I have an abundance of ribbon and scraps. I try to make as many projects as I can with the scraps since I really do not like throwing supplies away. I saw a pin somewhere on Pinterest for a pleated headband so I sought out to make one with some scrap ribbon from a recent apron project.
1.    I took my scrap piece of ribbon and using my sewing machine sewed a loop so I could start with a finished edge pleat.
2.    Fold and pin the pleats, or if you sew really sew and don’t mind stopping fold it under right before you stitch
3.    Take your finished pleat and glue to a hard headband, soft headband or clip. I used a soft headband
4.    Finish by covering with a piece of felt in the inside
5.    Wear it and show it off or make some for friends! :]
So go through your scrap pile and go crazy, I know I did! I also made some felt clippies for a friends baby, what do you guys think? They were my first ever felt clippies and I have to say I kind of really like them.
What do you think of them?
Also beautified a plain pink onesie with baby Minnie embroidery as well as the baby girl’s name. It is fun to give gifts when people have babies especially when you will be seeing them shortly after they are born.
I am excited to go on my trip but I won’t be neglecting my blog. I have a felt ear warmer tutorial and depending on how my dinner works out tonight maybe a recipe and now I am going to go post the Giveaway so if you are reading this check out the home page!


  1. Hi Jesika,

    I'm just popping over to say hello from the blog hop. I LOVE a cute craft and your blog seems to be full of them! I can't wait to dig through some more :)

    I hope you can stop by Gumdrop Pass and say hello when you get the chance.

    Have a good Tuesday <3

  2. so cute, thanks for joining the tuesday tip toe hop. hope you come by next week too!!

    1. Thanks, I love finding new hops! :)


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