Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Step by Step Quilt

So now that I finally finished the quilt that I have been talking about for a while I am ready to share the tutorial for it. I feel that I need to start by saying it is not perfect and I didn’t expect it to be but if this is your first quilt I might recommend a straight square quilt since this one was a little crazy for my first quilt. With it being my first quilt and not using a pattern or tutorial I made mistakes and there are definitely things I would do differently.

So here we go with the step by step as well as my recommendations.

Start by picking out your fabric. I went with pink and browns to match the nursery and happened to have all this fabric on hand. After you pick the fabric cut it all into squares. I cut my squares 6x6 because I wanted them to be 5x5 after they were all sewn together. If you are new to sewing I would recommend a rotary cutter and mat because it is one of the greatest tools over.

After the tediousness of cutting the fabric lay it out so you can get an idea of how you want it to look.

Now this is where I would do things differently. I sewed the squares onto the strips of fabrics that go in between the squares. This can get a little tricky so I would recommend sewing all the squares together first. Sew the diagonals first then attach them all together.

After the squares are sewn together you have the top layer of your blanket at this point take the strips that will go between the squares and prep them. It would be a good idea to use binding or use your binding machine so that you don’t have to iron but if you don’t want to do either of the aforementioned then take the strip of fabric and fold the raw edges towards each other so you have a nice strip of right side fabric. Pin the strips of fabric in place in between the rows and columns of squares. With the pins in place attach you binding and backing and pin around the edges.

You may start quilting now, the quilting pattern will end up a railroad track stitching. If you sew the strips on both edges you will achieve the pattern you want on the back and secure the strips in place.

Good news is after that all you have to do is binding and you are all set.

So there goes my quilting tutorial that has in process for a while but it is a quilt and it takes patience that I do not have that I am learning kinda . If you embark on this and it is your first quilt then take your time and if you get frustrated step away from the quilt. Do not work on the quilt when you are upset it will only anger you more. Which I should have taken my advice tonight but it was a mis-threaded bobbin that caused a bunch of issues. Not sure how it got messed up but it is what it is and now I am done!

*Happy dance* :]

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My next project is a new duvet cover for Nico and I! :]

Have a good day


p.s. try not to stare too hard at my imperfect quilt.


  1. Nice, great colors ! Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)


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