Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Half Apron

Simple and Frilly Half Apron

Hey Ladies! Ever need a quick last minute gift but don’t feel like going to the store well this apron can be it. If you are like me I always have fabric on hand and the sewing machine is always readily available.

1. So I will share how I create my lovely half apron. First I measure the width I want my fabric across my hips I use that as the width I cut my fabric. When cutting I add a curve so I start on a fold and cut 12” across and the bottom will end up 16” wide as I will slightly curve out as I cut down the side. When you get to the bottom cut a curve and make your way back to the curve.

2. If you want a second layer cut the same shape but add two inches at the top so 14” on the top and 18” on the bottom. You can make the curve large or smaller based on your taste.

3. I really wanted a finished looking apron so I cut two of the top layer and two of the bottom layer. I then sewed them right sides together and turned them right side out for my layers and remember to clip corners and run mountains… that means if you have a curve you are turning out make a small cuts along the curve.

4. So once you have your two layers cut and sewn and folded out set them aside and make the tie. I measure around my hips and double it to allow plenty of room for tying the apron. I cut my strip 4 inches wide; fold it in half sew along the edge and then turn it out and you will have a tie for your apron.

5. To assemble the apron take the bottom layer and lay it flat, place the top layer on top and the sash on top of that lining the middle of the sash with the top of the layers so it overlaps a little. Pin in place and sew. I like the look of thread so I sew along the bottom edge of the sash, the middle and the top.

If you want to add a trim to a layer go back before step four and sew a trim onto the layer you desire. For the one I have pictured I did not want to have too much of the outer layer showing so I only added an inch all the way around so the trim sort of covers it. 

Now when making the apron you can add many optional features: a pocket, bow, rosette, beading, or make it reversible. You can cut it more square, more curved, more diagonal… make it how you desire and have fun with it! :]

Have fun!



  1. I once tried to make an apron and terribly failed.
    I like yours!
    Stopping by from Tuesday Friend and Follow.
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you! :)

      I am sure it wasn't that bad

  2. Very cute! I like your fabric choices. I keep meaning to make an apron and haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the easy tutorial!

    1. I had this cut out for a couple weeks before I actually made it but now it is finally done! :)

  3. thanks for linking to tiptoe tuesday hop. Hope to see you next week.
    If you get a chance have a $100 amazon.com GC giveaway to check out.

    I really need to get my sewing machine back out and start some projects, this is soo cute.

    1. I will go check it out, thanks! :)

  4. As you said, this would make a lovely present!!! I like the black fabric with the red flowers. Red and black are such a great combination and the lace adds a nice finishing touch. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I would love for you to share this at our ongoing themed linky that's just for Aprons and Smocks...

  5. Good job. I like how the reverse side fabric shows around the edges under the lace.

    -Alisha @ SnugasaBugBaby.com

    1. Thank you, I really wanted it to play peek-a-boo and glad it turned out how I intended! :)

  6. Hi Jesika, I'm featuring your Half Apron today...

  7. What a great idea! And it is so cute!!Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.


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