Monday, March 12, 2012


Menu Plan Monday!

Though I really hate Monday I really like menu planning and on the menu this week is:

Monday:  Crock Pot Ribs & Twice Baked Potatoe Casserole
Tuesday: *Chicken Tacos & Salsa rice Chicken and Dumplings (Thank you rain)
Wednesday: *Stuffed Pork Tenderloin BBQ Pork Tenderloin, broccoli rabe & potatoe skins
Thursday: *Shrimp & Salmon Pasta & Olive Garden Breadsticks BBQ Pork Pizza with the leftovers from Wednesday (didn't realize it was two separate tenderloins in the packages and don't like to waste food.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: whatever I decide.. I never plan for weekends anymore.
*updated Wed 3/14 12:30 pm... things change :)

So now that the menu is planned and the ribs are already in the crock pot I will share my knapsack I made last week since I finally got around to making the patten for it.

You will need:
·      1/2to ¾ yard sturdy outer fabric- I used a duck canvas
·      same amount of inner fabric
·      ribbon
·      magnetic closure clasps or button
·      webbing
·      sewing machine
·      interfacing

Here are the links for the pattern pieces: Pockets & Strap Cover
Bottom & Flap
I arranged them so they can be printed on a regular size sheet of paper.

The outside lining and the inside lining is a large rectangle both measuring 15” by 36”

The straps are 25”-30” depending on your preference. I did mine closer to 25” but I am going to do closer to 30” in the future.

The ribbon for the drawstring is 50” long and any thickness ½” or larger will work.

1.    Cut all the pieces of fabric.
2.    Start with the flap, bottom & pockets
3.    Sew the flap onto each other right side of fabric together, turn right side out and add magnetic closure to the side that will be towards the inside of the bag

4.    Irons interfacing onto one of the bottom pieces and sew the pieces together right sides together and turn right side out. Do the same with the pockets
5.    Set the above items aside and pull the fabric for the outside and lining out. Start by sewing a ½” to1” fold to be for the drawstring

6.    Sew a fold for the inner lining any size you would like, it is just to prevent fraying
7.    Sew the pockets onto the inner lining and the outer pocket onto the outer fabric. Slightly above the outer pocket attach the other side of the clasp.
8.    Sew the completed inner lining piece onto the completed outer lining piece, wrong sides together.

9.    Attach the flap and the top sides of the straps onto the outside bag and sew into place.
10. Pull the inner lining up and sew the bottom to the bottom side onto the bottom of the fabric. Leave one side unsown
11. Pulll up the outer fabric and turn it inside out and sew the bottom onto it, attach the bottom sides of the straps.
12. Pull the bottom back through and the lining down into the inside of the bag. Once you are sure it is correctly in place sew the unfinished edge.
13. For the straps if you would like to add the optional cushion then follow these instructions. What I did was cut a piece of fleece and fabric. I sewed a tube out of it then laid it flat and sewed it onto the strap.

When sewing a bag it can get confusing with the lining and the pockets and all that but the best thing to do is to relax and step away when you get frustrated. If you step away and come back you will be relaxed and better able to think how do I want it to look like in the end and that will help you realize the next steps.

I plan on making another one so I will add more step by step pictures when I do. This was a fly by the seam of my pants project that I had to make sure worked and it did! :]

So let me know what you think! :]

Oh and here is my pinspired boho maxi dress I made from  Sweet Verbena



  1. You made sewing that knapsack look so easy! Very impressive! Love the dress! Thanks for sharing.

    1. after failing on a couple similar projects I learned from my mistakes! :)

      I love the dress too and it is super comfortable. You should definitely check out her page she has some super awesome tutorials.

  2. Your menu sounds yummy this week. I just started menu planning again last month and it definitely helps me save time and money in the long run.

    Just stopping by and following from the blog hop!

  3. WOW, you are so patient and creative. I luv them all :)

  4. The bottom and flap link does not work. It takes me to a photobucket page. Please fix! I'm really excited to start making the backpack!

    1. The links have been updated. They should work now.


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