Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

Monday seemed to have creeped up on me but it may have been because I spent the weekend camping.

Now I have nothing against camping but sleeping in a tent in the crazy wind was not fun. I will admit that I did not sleep the first night. The wind was crazy and since I am kind of tall and my dog kept pushing me close to the edge I kept getting whipped in the face by the tent. So what did I do instead? I went on my phone and played Draw Something, then went on pinterest, then planned out some shoe shopping and spent some time on Facebook. It was a nice waste of a couple of hours before I tried to sleep once again.

So I get up from my sleepless night and it is pouring raining, my shoes are soaked and so are my socks. I let it be for a couple hours until I give up and go buy rain boots form Target that is about 20 minutes or so away from where we were. With new rain boots, new socks and warm toes I was a happy camper. So it rained all day and was cold and pretty miserable but after the race was done we went to eat and that was a warm place so it was lovely. That night I actually got to sleep! The rain on the tent soothed me to sleep and when we woke it was only sprinkling and an hour later the rain was gone! It made for a nice second day at the racetrack.

It sure was a long weekend and my bed felt so great last night but the laundry that was soaking wet is not very fun and now my house is starting to not have such a lovely smell but once the laundry is done it will go away.

So I had a lot of food posts last week, did you check any of them out? Did you try any of on your own be sure to share here, or on twitter or on Facebook if you did! :]

So today is a mellow day because of my rough weekend and the homework I need to catch up on because of the crazy weekend. 

So here is my menu planning for the week:
Monday 3/26 : BBQ Chicken Sandwiches & Cheesy Potato Soup (the soup was featured Wednesday from Not So Homemade, did you see it?)
Tuesday 3/27 : Loaded Italian Baked Potato Skins (from Mrs.Happy Homemaker)
Wednesday 3/28: Date night with Nico- going to see Jackie Evancho (The 11 yr old Soprano from America’s Got Talent)
Thursday: 3/29  Shrimp Tacos & Spanish Rice
Friday & Saturday…. Who knows
Sunday 4/1: Garlic Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
Monday 4/2: Turkey Burgers
Tuesday 4/3: Cheesy Chicken Penne (pinspired from this pin: but I will probably change it around a bit)
Wednesday: Left Overs!
Thursday: Fast Food on the drive to OC!

So that is that and in other news I decided that I am going to get back into running and run a 5K soon as I find one I like then a 10K in the summer and hopefully a half marathon in the fall! :]

So last week I had my first run on Wednesday I ran 1.65 miles since Nico thought the path behind our house was a lot shorter than it was. My pace was 11.12min/mil. So I am working this week on taking my miles down.

My training schedule is:
Tuesday 3/27: Run 1.65 miles – try to get pace to be 10:30 min/mile or better. Do 20 minute Abs from my TKB DVDS (turbo kick box)
Thursday 3/29: Run 1.65 miles- try to improve on Tuesday time. Do 20 minute ABS from TKB DVDS

Monday 4/2: Double the run day! Run 3.2 miles (two loops around my path)
Wednesday: Double and try to improve time!

With Easter being close it is throwing it off a little but I may also run while I am in OC, a nice beach run would be lovely! :]

I am using the iMapMyRun app on my iphone to keep track of distance and pace. They are not paying me, I am just a person who likes to blog for fun and wants to share what I am using with you.

It seems to work really well and I like that you can save the places you run. It seems to be a really great app and I have only used it once but still it is so user friendly and allows me to track the distance so that works for me!

Well now that I have that all down I realize this post is like super long so if you made it through all of that pictureless jumbo then you deserve a pat on the back.

And here is a picture of Nico with his trophy on the middle on the floor for being the best pit member oh and feel free to giggle at the facial expression of Brett on the right! :]
 Hope you got a good giggle! :]

Stay Crafty!

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