Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pinspiration Creations

Today has been a pinspired day! All the projects I made today were from Pinterest!

Good thing I finally got some crafting done, I was definitely slacking on you all this week. I went into a clay-sculpting mood and I was extremely productive with the clay.

But I will share my projects and the links to the original products so you can see how to do it for yourself. It I not my project to share :]

First was the homemade pitas found here.
The pita bread is pretty thick and seems to have a lot of dough on the inside. Nico and I both enjoyed the pitas while we ate some chicken wraps for lunch. Nico ate the rest of the pita with the tzatiki sauce. I froze two of them and plan on enjoying them at a later date. All in all it was a little bread like more so than the pitas from the store but they were still good and easy to make. 

The other project was the beachcomber dress found here. 


But as you can see I made it adult size for me. I found that at JoAnn’s they have a knit that is already connected meaning it looks like a tube so it was perfect for the dress and because I did not realize that until after I bought the fabric so I ended up with a  whole lot more than I needed for the dress. So I went to my favorite blog Sweet Verbena and pulled up her boho maxi dress tutorial. I had enough fabric leftover to make it so I figured I would.

I am excited to end up with not only one but two dresses! The white fabric I had for the boho dress I dyed light pink wiht some dye I had on hand.  I also added an elastic band to the waist since I don't have any super cute belts like Katy does. So now it cinches at the waste and if I so happen to find a cute belt then I will add it to my outfit.

The pictures of the tye dyed complete project will be up once it finishes washing and dying :] Along with the finished boho maxi dress will come a half apron tutorial.

If you would like to follow my boards on Pinterest I can be found here! I pin a lot so you will see a lot of my projects, food inspiration and crafting inspiration.

Do you have any fun projects on the to do list for this week?


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