Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chevron Vans

Hi! Feels good to say Hi again since I was on a hiatus that was not really planned.

I was planning on sharing my pinspirations that I would be creating soon but ended up in a super silent week… but I am back now!

I did have a nice break and during our drive Nico and I listened t the Hunger games and just yesterday finished the second book and moved onto the third and final book, boy are we hooked! We also simultaneously decided that in the future our children will not get tvs but audiobooks so that we can infuse them with literature. It was a lovely conversation but don’t worry kids won’t be coming along any time soon. We still have a lot of living to do before we settle down and start our family.

So besides listening to Hunger Games and becoming obsessed I redid the fabric marker shoes I drew on last week and I love them!

You will need:

·      Shoes

·      Fabric Paint or acrylic paint and a textile medium

·      Pattern or free hand

I decided to free hand a chevron zigzag in a metallic blue and metallic black. I love how they turned out they glimmer!  (Like my choice of description for the sparkles… if you read Hunger Games you get it ;])

Very easy to do and a great cover up for stains that won’t wash out even with bleach. My shoes are now alive and well! So my Vans obsession lives on… speaking of obsession I bought two new pair this weekend! :]
Lime Green/Black & Dorothy Vans!

We also got dressed up and had a nice dinner for Nico’s mom’s birthday.

And I got pictures of my nieces! :]

Vanessa & Amelia:)

 We also did a fun eggstravagant egg hunt across Balboa Island in Newport Beach, bikes were used and we definitely worked up a sweat but Nico and I won!!

So now that I am finally back on here I will make it worth your while! I already have tomorrow’s craft done and I am also working on something new to be added to my Etsy page :]

Stay Crafty
-Jesika :]


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