Monday, April 2, 2012

Patriotic Shorts from Jeans

So I had a not so crafty week last week and so this week I am starting it off right!

I literally got a random hair to do this project at 9pm on a Saturday night after spending time on Pinterest.  I saw something that is sold on Etsy and reallllly want to make my own so I did!

I had a pair of Nico’s old too small jeans laying around and had been holding onto them to make into shorts so this project was perfect.

So I started with a full-length regular old pair of jeans.

I put them on and measured out how long I wanted them to be so that they still had nice length to them, and then I cut.

After the shorts were cut I traced the pocket and cut a pocket out of some red fabric and a blue with stars fabric. I cut out matching heat bond and ironed it onto the fabric and then onto the pocket. I sewed around the edges of the pocket to make it even more stable.

I then took some fabric paint and painted stripes on the red since I didn’t have any striped fabric.

After I was done with that I wanted to distress them a little so I took a wash cloth and dipped it in a little bit of bleach and rubbed it on the shorts in order to lighten them up a bit. I then washed them and let them fray.

I also plan to take some sand paper and distress them up a little more but for now I really like them.

Granted they were men’s jeans so they are a little bit looser than I normally wear but I like the fit and think I may do this with some other fabrics and thrift store jeans!

Yay for being productive! I have one project done and another project already in the works.



  1. I absolutely love this! I'd love for you to share it in our link party!

    ~Natalie @ Crafty Cousins

    Holla! We're your newest followers! :)

  2. Perfect for 4th of July!

    Thanks for sharing on Mauvin' Monday!

  3. Love these shorts. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Cannot wait to try this.....Perfect for Fourth of July!!! I'm your new GFC follower. YAY!
    Newbie Blogger

    1. Thank you! And Welcome to the blogging world! :)

  4. So cute and a great way to recycle old jeans!


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