Thursday, April 19, 2012

T-shirt Reconstruction with Reverse Applique


It is starting to warm up here, like it is supposed to be high 80’s this weekend! So now that the weather is warming it was time to do some spring-cleaning.

I started with the closet in the bedroom and that is about all I got to yesterday so I still have the front closet, the bathroom closet and the dresser and desk. But at least the pantry and the bedroom closet are both done! :]

So while I was spring-cleaning I found two long sleeve shirts I had picked up at Walmart with the intention of using them to layer with other shirts but the v-neck of the shirts I bought did not match up with the other ones so it did not work out how I intended.

So instead of donating a brand new $5 shirt I decided to cut it up and use it as the shirt I wear for my Race for the Cure, even though I know I will get a shirt, I wanted my own!

I started with a square of pink fabric that I fused to some interfacing. I then drew out the ribbon, multiple times… but I did end up with a shape I liked after the like fifth drawing…. Oh well.

So I turned the shirt inside out and sewed the wrong side of the top layer to the right side of the fabric in the shape of the ribbon.

I cut away the extra interfacing and was left with a ribbon.

I then turned the shirt right side out and cut away the t-shirt fabric that was in my sewn area to reveal my pink ribbon.

Now I could of left the reverse applique just like that but I decided to make my long sleeve tee into a cute racer back tank.

I laid it on the bed and cut off the sleeves by following the curve of the seams.

I then cut the seam of the collar keeping the “v” shape. I then mimicked the “v” onto the back of the shirt.

I took a strip of the sleeve and made t-shirt yarn…. Pull it tight and it will roll and become a string.  I tied a knot around the back bottom of the “v” and made a square knot up the shirt just enough so I could see the swirl. You can just tie knots I just wanted to do the square knot.

And then you are done and have a cute racer back to wear while you run and sweat and raise money for the cure!

So what have you upcycled this week?

Stay Crafty


Updated 2.22: You can also use the reverse applique for Men!  Nico ruined one of his favorite shirts due to working on the car in it so I salvaged the part he liked and did a reverse applique for him.
And there you have it, something crafty the man in your life will like too!


  1. Stopping by from Finally Friday!

    That was really really creative. Great job! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by the Finally Friday Blog hop today! I'm now following you back :)

    Love the upcycled shirt! Super creative and crafty.


  3. Love the shirt! I'm testing my creative genius out with a garden this year ;) Once I master that I'll move on to something else I'm sure! Stopping by on the finally Friday hop!
    Life with our Family

    1. I am working on a garden this year too... well as much as you can in an apartment and with no yard :)


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