Sunday, May 6, 2012

DIY Stand

Hi Friends!

How has your weekend been? I had a fun filled day of allergies yesterday….. talking red, swollen eyes, sneezing all day, rough red nose from tissues and nothing could make it stop. It was quite a miserable day but Nico and I still went and got some On the Border.
Daiquiri :)
Today the allergies have been more tame but my day was full of homework, putting together Scentsy packets and enjoying Pinterest! We did have a good start to the day though, I made crepes for the first time. It was so fun. I loved making my own combinations. I did a strawberry whipped cream, peanut butter banana and strawberries with peanut butter. The strawberries were homemade from Friday when I needed to use up some strawberries I had so I made fresh strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry sauce is fairly simple so I will post all about that and the crepes tomorrow! :]

For dinner I made some super yum pasta based on a Pioneer Woman recipe! I will be posting it later this week and for dessert… well Velata of course! I made a nice platter of strawberries, bananas, apples and raspberries. Had to test what tastes good so I can know for any parties I host ;] or maybe that is an excuse but oh well. The milk chocolate caramel is amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

I think for parties I will also use some pretzel rods and angel food cake.  It is also great for cake pops or anything else like that!

So remember my cookies that need a name, well they still need a name so if you can help that would be awesome. In the meantime I will share the stand.

Last week Nico and I had built a stand based on this tutorial at Skip to My Lou but it didn’t end up as well as I hoped. It kind of is uneven so I was looking for an alternative.  I was on the hunt for a candlestick but couldn’t find any that weren’t glass so I bought a dowel at home depot and got it cut to be 6 inches long.

Two plastic Target Plates: dinner plate, salad plate
Wooden dowel- cut to 6 inches
Hot glue

I took the wooden dowel and painted it metallic white. (Originally I was going to put one on the top and decorate it but changed my mind)

I glued the dowel to the bottom of the salad plate and then glued it to the center of the dinner plate.

It comes together in minutes after you get the paint to dry and no unevenness! It worked perfectly and covers the hole I made when I tried to rush the drilling of the hole for the other tutorial cause I am way too impatient.

It was a great last minute project to spruce up my kitchen so that when they came to film the segment it would look cute. Now I am just waiting for my segment to air so I can share it with y’all.

That’s about it for tonight, check back tomorrow for the Crepes!

Stay Crafty

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