Friday, May 18, 2012


Hi Friends!

So I have been cooking all kinds of new things lately and it has been real fun! I figure if I work on trying to cook all different kind of items that I will know a little more about the type of cuisine I like to cook so that after I complete culinary school I can decided where I want to do my externship. :]
As I said CULINARY SCHOOL is in the works! I had mentioned the other day how there were exciting things in the works that ended up being postponed well that is what it was! I was intending to start on Monday that would have meant I had my orientation today and after I thought about it I had decided that I wanted to wait until I could fully focus on school and not have to worry about work.  So after a long talk with Nico I told him that I would rather wait until we are back in Orange County and not having to work at the same time. I think that being able to focus more on culinary school and being set to go straight into work would be better than finishing school, moving, doing my externship then abandoning my job…. I just know it is a big deal and so I am waiting and I feel good about it.
Now that I told you all about that I have to say that I am super excited about the future. I always have loved to cook but I will admit that I was so hesitant about doing culinary school and cooking as a profession because I really didn’t want to loose the passion I have for food and cooking. But now I have decided it is going to happen sometime before the end of the year. We will be moving back to our hometown in Orange County in October sometime so after we get settled then I get to tour the Pasadena Le Cordon Bleu campus and work on a part time job and then once I get that under control start school then do my externship at some fine dining establishment in OC as I want to make beautiful food and fine dining seems like it just works with that.

So have any of your done culinary school? How did you like it? I am intrigued to find out more! 

I just love food!!

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