Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Patriotic T-Shirt

It is summer, well basically so now is the time to prep for summer pool cover ups and fourth of July! Speaking of Fourth of July, want an easy t-shirt to make for the 4th? Since it is not less than a month away!

What I used was:

·      Plain White Tee

·      Red, White & Blue Paint

·      Textile Medium

·      Paint Brushes

·      Scissors

1.    Mix the paint with the medium as directed on the bottle. Draw a heart with red and blue.

2.    Paint the top of the left side of the heart blue

3.    Add red stripes

4.    Splatter any excess paint or don't up to you :]

5.    Cut the bottom band off, now cut up about 4”

6.    Pull the strips down so that the strips roll

7.    Cut off the collar

Now rock your patriotic fringe shirt since fringe is back in! Who would have thought? I remember wearing fringed shirts when I was a child so I was stoked to make one to wear now!

I love me anything Patriotic and I love me some fringe! Overall I am totally stoked!

I was even thinking about painting a couple other shirts and doing some more tshirt reconstructions! And If I can find the t-shirt I bought and stashed somewhere I will do my swimsuit cover up tutorial for you!!!!

If you make your own post them to the facebook page! 

Stay Crafty


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