Friday, June 1, 2012

Recyclable Coffee Canister Organization

I find it funny that I went on a crafting hiatus but now I am back better than ever with lots of posts! That means you all get to luck out and being lucky and it being a Friday is like the best ever! And it is June 1st! Summer is practically here, shall be interesting for me to experience the Sacramento heat!

So tomorrow I start my bartending courses, it will only take two weekends and then I will be a certified bartender! Then Monday I start week 1 of course one of Wilton Cake Decorating basics that is offered at Michael’s store.  I have a pretty good grasp on decorating but I am starting from scratch and decided to take all four Wilton Courses before I move back to Sacramento, if time permits that is.

With the upcoming cake-decorating course I had to reorganize all my decorating items. I originally picked up a kit from JoAnn that worked quite well until I got more stuff. It had been overflowing for a while so I went to Walmart and picked up a locking container as well as one smaller one for all the food colors! After reorganizing all my decorating supplies I was trying to com e up with someplace to put all my cupcake liners and candles I have on hand. Then it hit me! I had been saving the empty Folger’s canisters thinking of something to do with them and this was it!


Empty Coffee Container

Spray Paint

Chalk Paint

I spray painted the container a nice light blue color. I did several coats since my white that I intended to use as a base coat ended up being out of aerosol. It may have taken more coats but in the end it ended up working out and I still got the look I was going for. Once the spray paint dried I painted the two squares that originally said Folger’s with chalk paint. Using those areas are great because the container is shaped for it. It lends itself perfectly to a chalkboard container!

It ended up being a perfect container for all my liners and plus I think it is super cute!

I love cheap and green crafts!
For other crafts be sure to check out the tutorials page!

Stay Crafty!

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