Friday, June 29, 2012


Happy Friday!

I happened to stumble upon a blog on Pinterest that is al about refashioning so I had a refashioning inspiration!

Her blog is check it out if you haven’t already!

So we already know I like refashioning items like:

So I am no stranger to refashion but I wanted to try to take it up a notch so I dug through the bag I had set aside for goodwill. In that bag I found a dress I had wore to homecoming in high school.

I decided it would be a perfect skirt for going out on the weekends! So I laid it flat and cut it just below the zipper.

There was a lot of the lining fabric so I slimmed that up by removing one panel of it.

I grabbed the elastic that I measured to my waist and pinned the outer lacey layer in place, adding pleats so it would have a nice flow.

I then pinned the lining layer in place as well.

 I sewed it all together and voila a super cute skirt for going out!

Now I couldn’t just stop there see I had this dress, and well it was getting to be too short and I discovered a lot of little holes in it too so it was time for a revamp.

I kept it super simple, I just seam ripped the top portion from the bottom and now have a tribal skirt. :]

Two skirts from two dresses, yay for a new free wardrobe! I also cut up two too small dresses into a nice flowy tops.

And I died a shirt that the original color was just meh :/

So I think that is about it for now ;)

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

Stay Crafty!


  1. These are all great refashions (how many dresses have I given away, that would have made cute tops?!) I really like the first skirt made from the prom dress--I've seen that style of skirt all over, but for big $$. Nice job!! :-)

    1. Thanks and I saved another item from going to goodwill! I actually pulled my dress out of my goodwill bag and thought I could make something useful out of this!

  2. Could you do a tutorial on how to do the back of the "just a little dye" t shirt? I love the open bottom of it. Thanks

    1. I actually bought it like that but I can definitely do that as a refashion.

      I have to find a shirt that will work so I will be on the lookout and will post it once I have the tutorial complete.


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