Monday, June 11, 2012

Upsizing a T-shirt

Happy Monday ya’ll! How are you doing today?

I am doing pretty well today! I baked my cake for my cake decorating class and the cupcakes for next week. I am getting my mad cake decorating skills on and learning how to actually properly do it! :]

I also signed up for the second and third Wilton course as well! So I will be almost a pro by the time I am done, yay!

Also by the end of the weekend I should be a certified bartender if I pass my class, which I should!

So I was doing some clearing out of the craft supplies, if you are on my facebook page you know that by now but if you aren’t check out the album and help me clear our my excess stash! This is the album you should check it out… I just lowered prices today so some things are super cheap!

But anyways where I was going with that is that I found a pink vneck I had bought at the tshirt store and wanted to wear it but I guess it was too small but I didn’t want to throw it away so I had to find a way to make it larger.

I went through my fabric stash and pulled out my lace and decided that is what would be added to make it larger.

I laid out the shirt and cut the side seams.

I then cut a about 4 inch wide piece of lace and pinned it in place.

I sewed it to the tshirt and since I love tank tops and it is super hot up here lately I decided to cut the shirt into a tank following tutorial here minus cutting a V in the back, I just made it a racerback.

Now it fits and is comfy and keeps me cool. I love it!

Stay Crafty My Friends & feel free to email me post suggestions :)


  1. Thanks for the Tut! I have a 9year old who is outgrowing the girls XL shirts (but not the desire for cutsey screen-printed "I Love Horses!" type designs) and I had to check the internet to see if it was possible to up-size a shirt - thanks!

    1. It is and what is great is you can use really any fabric. If you use a knit fabric you get more stretch but if you use a regular fabric the shirt part stretched enough! Happy upsizing!


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