Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I have been a bad blogger... I know it.. I just have had little motivation lately.. don't know why. 

I would say that I am working on making it better but really I am just working on school and I even deactivated my Facebook! I know the Facebook deactivation is temporary but it is still liberating.. ya weird I know but Facebook is a lot of work!

Now I am still working on new recipes and fun items so in time I will have projects for you. I could never just stay away from crafts for that long. 

In other non crafting news  I signed up fro the Mud Factor 5K.. I am excited to work toward a goal and really excited to get back into my tip top shape!

Now if you want me to make something specific let me know! I am always looking for motivation. 

I hope you all are doing fabulous! 

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