Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Recycled Water Globe

I know it has been a long while since I posted a tutorial and it was not intended I just have been suffering from lack of motivation!

But it came back with this idea!!

I am getting ready to leave out of town and well I don’t want to have to remind Nico to water my plants though he is normally pretty good at it. I needed to think of a water globe type craft that was free/cheap cause well I don’t like to spend excess money unless it is on fabric!

I thought about things people use… drip systems, water globes etc and the water globe idea stuck with me…

I grabbed a water bottle and a piece of pvc pipe from a organizer that I dismantled forever ago and yet held onto everything just in case!

I started by heating up the hot glue gun while I cut off the ring portion of the water bottle. You can keep it on but my pipes weren’t cut straight so it wouldn’t work too well for me… or you can take the bottle to the store and get one where the top fits inside the pipe or the pipe fits inside the bottle… but like I said this was what I had on hand.

I glued a ring around the pipe and slid it into the hole of the bottle and let it harden. I then added another layer of glue to seal it and make sure there were no holes. Holes are bad for this project… it makes the globe not work!

Fill the bottle with water and submerge the pipe deep into the soil and you have a water globe! 
So if you want a water globe but don't want to pay for the aqua globes or whatever else they have now-a-days then you should make one!!!

Stay Crafty!


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    1. Thanks, it was my flash of brilliance for the week :)

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